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A Digital Detox: Your Presence Is The Present

Technology surrounds us every single day and as a blogger, one of the most important things is being “connected” Whether […]


Friday Photos #5

We’re in December!! Hurrah! How excited are your kids about Christmas? Mine have been constantly asking me when they can […]


Friday Photos #4

I can’t believe we are heading into December next week! I had a bit of a panic about Christmas present […]


#UnPocoDeToDoUK – 21 Nov

Welcome back to this week’s #UnPocoDeToDoUK (Spanish for “A little bit of everything”) hosted by myself, Franca, Tracey, Nadia and Nicky. We had a […]


Friday Photos #2

It’s been a real rollercoaster of a week for me this week. Aside from the Presidential election being major news there […]