3 tips to help the family adjust after lockdown

Two weeks into Lockdown Number Three, and it’s déjà vu, with little to keep us entertained except Netflix’s Bridgerton and some leftover Christmas chocolate (one of those things may have lasted a little longer than the other).

So if you find yourself making conversation with stray neighbourhood cats and pictures on the walls, well, you’re not alone.

And though it seems a while away, we can’t help but think about what happens after lockdown. It’s probably something we should plan for, but where to begin? With yet more big changes ahead, these are just three tips that will help your family cope during lockdown and adjust once it ends.

For the kids

Are your little darlings scaling the walls out of boredom? Have they driven you a degree or two past sane by now?

Unsurprising. You love your children, but well, a little space would be nice! Not to mention, the disruption in their routine is hard on them too as they miss out on valuable time with their friends.

This can be extremely worrying as they may fear they’ll lose touch with good friends over the course of lockdown and end up feeling isolated even when they’re back at school. For teens, social media can help them stay connected, but it can also have a negative impact on their mental health if it’s their exclusive means of interaction.


To help prevent them from losing touch, why not help them set up virtual hangouts with their friends? If you can get friends parents on board, Zoom calls are a great way to host COVID-safe sleepovers and will help your young ones make memories even in lockdown.

For your pets

When  lockdown is over, and we return to the office, it’s sure to be difficult on your pet pals who have grown used to having you around the house 24/7.

Ease them into a new routine as soon as you can – though you may be at home most of the day now, you can get them used to a little separation by spending time in separate rooms to your pets and taking brief outings without them such as to the supermarket or for exercise.

And for the long run, make sure your vet is the right choice for your furry friend – see if you can find one partnered with allergen and behavioural specialists such as Avacta Animal Health who can support your pet in the transition out of lockdown.


For yourself

It’s important to be there for your family and support them as lockdown comes to an end, but don’t neglect your own wellbeing.


Take care of your mental health during lockdown, reaching out to those around you where possible. It can be difficult to prioritise yourself, particularly for single parents with packed schedules, but don’t feel guilty for taking care of your own needs – take any downtime where you can find it and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make use of this time. Remember, your best is enough!


That’s our list! Share your own top lockdown tips in the comments section.

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