5 terrific tips for travelling with children

Whisking your kids away on a holiday where you can escape everyday life and explore somewhere new and different is super exciting.

However, travel and children can also be major causes of stress. So when the two collide, you might find yourself feeling a little bit anxious.

To help ease your worries, here are five terrific tips for travelling with children.


Let them help

Planning an amazing getaway for your children is one of the most special things you can do as a parent. However, you’ll find things run more smoothly if you let your children have a say in the trip planning.

For example, you could let them help you choose the accommodation or plan a day of your trip. This ensures that they feel involved and are on board with your plans from the get-go.

Another way that you can make them feel involved is by letting them help in the packing of clothes and other personal effects. With this activity, you can start to teach them how to pack using expandable light travel backpacks. This can teach them the value of travelling with only a light load, meaning they can be conscious of bringing only essential things with them. Having them learn this lesson early on can also be helpful in avoiding arguments about toys and books they want to bring along.

Install travel apps

When it comes to travelling with children, the biggest mistake you can make is trying to do it all. If you do, you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed.

This is where travel apps come in, they take care of tedious travel tasks like deciding what to pack, finding the fastest route from the airport and translating foreign words, so you can focus on having fun with your children.

For a better idea on how they can help your family, take a look at this travel apps article on the Dan Flying Solo blog.

Ask for child discounts

With so many things to pay for like flights and tickets for tourist attractions and public transport, family holidays can end up costing a fortune. So keep an eye out for child discounts while you’re travelling.

You’ll often find child pricing details on the website of the company you’re dealing with but not always. If you can’t, don’t be afraid to enquire about a discount for your kiddies via email or phone.

Drive to the airport

If you’re worried about getting to the airport on time, give public transport a miss and drive there instead. Both you and your children will be more relaxed and comfortable in your own familiar ride.

To keep your travel costs down, don’t forget to pre-book airport parking too, you can use Looking4.com to find discounts for global hubs from Ontario to Heathrow.

Give them a camera

Children get bored easily, so if you’re looking for a way to keep them occupied throughout your trip, give them a camera and let them play photographer.

If your children are little, don’t worry about entrusting them with your fancy digital camera, an old mobile phone or a single use camera from Argos will do the trick.

The key thing here is that your children will have a job to keep them busy and interested in what’s coming up next on your trip.

Travelling with children is always going to be challenging. But if you follow these five terrific tips, you’ll be able to keep any stresses to a minimum.

That’s our list! Share your top tips for travelling with children in the comments section
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