The 5 things body confidence challenge

A while ago the lovely Eilidh from Mummy and Monkeys tagged me for his challenge which I had completely forgotten about until Louise from Birds and Lilies tagged me again this week.

It’s so easy for us to pick at the things we don’t like about ourselves and if I had to do a list of those it would seriously be a list as long as my arm (if not longer)

The idea behind the body confidence tag is to focus on the positives and list five things about your face and body that you are happy with.


So I’m going to give this a go….

My hair
Not sure this counts? I was born with a really thick head of hair. In my younger days I used to dye it (a lot) but these days I like to keep it natural. It’s in need of a cut at the moment but generally, I am happy with it.

This is probably a weird one to pick but I’m actually finding this a lot harder than I thought! Although I would prefer them to be a bit thicker I’ve been told before that I’ve got a good shape to my brows (apparently that’s a thing?)

Without lippy on they are a little on the pale side but I do like that the fact that my lips are quite full.

And finally….

Despite being chubby everywhere else my hands remain slim(ish!) and generally look ok. God, it is so hard to be nice about my own body! It’s just not in my nature at all!

So there you go. To be honest I knew it would be tough to come up with five things but what I did find even harder was to even be positive about those! It just goes to show that I need to stop looking at the negatives and certainly start doing something about them to turn them into positives!

I would like to tag the following lovely ladies to join in if they fancy:

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