5 Tips for adding warmth to your living room

A living room is typically the main base for unwinding from the stresses of everyday life, it is understandable why we have a great appreciation for wanting a relaxed and comfortable living room. This is further magnified when colder temperatures hit during those winter months, where all you want to do is get under a heavy blanket with a nice warm drink.

Achieving a cosy living space doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money or involve a huge amount of effort. In fact, you might be amazed at what can be achieved with a few little changes here and there.

Here are five tips for adding warmth to your living room.

Incorporate warm colours

If you want to instantly add a warm ambience to your room, changing up the colour palette can lead to positive results instantly. There are various colours to base your room on that are seen as ‘warm’, so it is down to preference in that regard. Painting the room or adding new wallpaper is only the start to achieving a cosy atmosphere. Although it might involve spending a bit of money, think about getting new furnishings that will match the colour scheme you’re hoping to achieve. That said, a more inexpensive option could be to simply add some elements to your existing furniture and fittings that will produce that desired pop of colour for your room.

Go outdoors

This doesn’t mean you have to relocate the living area into the garden. What it does mean, however, is the idea of implementing outdoor-related features as part of the room. Plants dotted around the living room assists in making it more comforting and ‘alive’, while natural products – such as wood sculptures and seashells – also bring beneficial outdoor elements if flowers/plants are not to your liking.

Use inviting lighting

Altering your lighting is a potential game changer with regards to bringing that cosy feeling to your living room. Modifying the light configuration is also one of the easiest ways to revitalise your room. Adding a shade will help shield from the bright light produced by bulbs – although it is possible to purchase light bulbs that produce a soft light – while dimmers on lamps/lights can also reduce overall light output.

Change up your radiators

Don’t worry: this isn’t taking things too literally with regards to ‘warming’ up your living space. However, you might currently possess some tired looking radiators that are spoiling the flow of your room. The solution? Get rid and replace them with a more contemporary design. Ultraheat radiators, for example, supply an efficient heating solution as you would come to expect, but then combines a modern, sophisticated appearance meaning it’s both luxurious and practical.

Add layers and sentimental objects

One thing you can do to stay away from your room being too sterile is by adding layers. By layers, this means adding features to already existing aspects of the room. Think of throwing some contrasting cushions on your furniture or adding a wall sculpture.

Along with this, displaying plenty of sentimental items will also help bring warmth to this space. Family pictures, holiday souvenirs, awards won – not only will they bring back happy memories, but they are also great talking points when guests visit.

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