5 tips to having a clean home

I don’t know about you but my house is very much lived in. The boys take great delight in traipsing through the house with muddy shoes and more often than not there are food crumbs on the floor or squished food on our rug. There are fingerprints marks all over our french windows too.

I know a lot of this is part and parcel of the reality of having kids. However, it’s also nice to have a nice clean home (even if it doesn’t last for very long)

Here are my 5 cleaning tips for trying to achieve a cleaner home.

Keep on top of the cleaning by doing a bit every day

This eliminates the need to have a marathon cleaning session which can take hours. In the kitchen, I wipe surfaces clean as I go and in the bathroom, I give the sink a wipe down whilst I’m brushing my teeth.

cleaning tips

Have a set routine in place

Tackle a different room or a particular chore like dusting per day. For example, Mondays could for wiping surfaces down, Tuesdays could be the day you dust everything downstairs, leaving hoovering for Wednesdays.

The key is to incorporate these chores into your everyday routine. This cleaning checklist from Good Housekeeping is excellent and breaks everything down nicely.

Deep clean carpets

Having a clean carpet makes such a difference to your home and it’s recommended we deep clean them at least once a year. The amount of dirt and grime carpets attracts on a day-to-day basis probably doesn’t even bear thinking about. You might vacuum regularly but this doesn’t get rid of dirt that’s been embedded in.

A cleaning service like Carpet Bright UK could well be the answer. They have been voted the number 1 carpet cleaners in the Kent, Surrey and London areas by Checkatrade.

With Carpet Bright there’s no need to worry about harsh chemicals being used as the products they use are eco-safe, child safe and pet safe.


I am so guilty of hoarding things in case I need them and it ends up cluttering the house. Decluttering on a regular basis by taking unwanted toys, clothes etc to charity would keep the clutter to a minimum. There’s a great article on what not to do when decluttering your home by Apartment Therapy that is worth a read.

Tidy up

The one rule I have instilled into the boys is that they must tidy up and put everything back in its place at the end of the day. Toys are to go back into the toy box, clothes to go back upstairs and water bottles taken into the kitchen. I also make sure all dishes are put back into cupboards and not left on the draining board, surfaces are clear, cushions on the sofa are plumped up and in their place so that you start the day with a clean slate.

What things do you do to ensure you have a clean home?

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