7 easy laundry organisation tips to make life easier

We can all agree that doing laundry is one of the worst chores. It takes time to do it, it’s not fun and it requires organization and planning. Well, with the right tips, this chore doesn’t have to be so tedious. Our easy laundry organisation tips to make life easier will make your space clean and nice. So, keep on reading so you can start implementing these tips and have more time for yourself.

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Sort your clothes

It’s not so pleasant to go through dirty clothes to sort out colours. Well, if you have enough space, you can place a washing basket for each type of colour. This way, when you undress, you can place colours and whites in separate baskets. Sorting your clothes will save you time, and you can dump the whole basket into the washing machine without having to worry if there’s a blouse that shouldn’t go with the rest of the clothes.

Use Refillable dispensers

Refillable dispensers are not only great for the environment, especially if you’re gradually switching to a zero-waste lifestyle, but they will add a more organised look than original detergent packaging. You can fill bottles with any laundry product, from detergent, and bleach, to softeners. You can place labels on them to know what exactly is inside the refillable bottle.

Use Mesh bags

If you have a full drawer of socks missing their pair, then using mesh bags might be a great solution for you. Use a mesh bag to wash socks so they can’t go missing. Another idea is to give a mesh bag to each family member so everyone has their own, and it makes it easier to sort out when the laundry is done. In addition, mesh bags are used for delicate clothes, like bras or thin blouses that can easily be ripped if caught on a button or zipper.

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Hanging Drying rack

Even if your laundry room is small, there are great solutions for using every inch of it. Place a hanging drying rack and make use of the ceilings. A hanging drying rack will not be in the way and is great for hanging your clothes right after drying to prevent wrinkles. Another way to loosen wrinkles is to hang clothes in the bathroom while you’re taking a hot shower. The steam from the hot shower will loosen wrinkles on your shirt.

Add Wall Hooks

You might not be aware now, but additional wall hooks can be very helpful for hanging anything, from clothes, shoe bags, and mesh bags to anything that needs to be taken to the dry cleaner. You can play around with wall hooks to style your laundry room. Paint them the same colour or each hook a different one, whichever looks best in the room.

Ironing Blanket

If you have to iron your clothes often but don’t have space for the ironing board, then a perfect solution is an ironing blanket. It’s easily rolled up and can be placed in a bin or a closet after use, and it takes little space when compared to the regular ironing board. The ironing blanket is heat resistant and ideal for small laundry rooms.

Towel and Rag organiser

A laundry room can look neat and organised if you keep your towels and rags organised in a towel holder that keeps them in place. Your laundry room will look clean and nice.

With these 7 easy laundry tips, doing laundry will be a lot easier, and you will enjoy walking into an organized and nice laundry room. If you incorporate these tips in your life, doing laundry won’t be so bad after all.

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