7 tips for an eco-friendly summer

Summer is finally here, and although we might be spending most of our time with the kids making memories, there are still lots of ways you can be kinder to the environment and make a few changes to help the planet.

Unsure of where to start? Don’t worry; here I’ve collected 7 tips for an eco-friendly summer.


Creating and planting your very own garden is a great way to help the environment; it helps nature and wildlife and looks great too. You could have a go at planting some bee-friendly flowers to encourage pollination, or even try planting a new tree in your garden. Check out this website for the help and advice on the right trees for your garden – these can encourage birds and even more wildlife!


Switch it off

During the summer we spend more time outdoors, so if you’re out for prolonged periods then consider switching all your electrical appliances off at the mains. Avoid leaving things on standby and try not to use the lights in your home at all. You can open the blinds and let nature do it all for you. Its kinder for the environment and for your utility bills too!

Shop smart

Rather than heading to a large supermarket chain for your fruit and veggies, opt for a farmers market instead. Not only will everything prove to be cheaper, but you’re also supporting local businesses, and your produce will have less of a carbon footprint. If you prefer to shop at a larger supermarket, then choose veggies and fruit that aren’t wrapped in plastic and opt for loose items instead.

Don’t let the engine run

Summer means spending days out and about and usually travelling to new and exciting places. But that also means that everyone else has the same idea. If you find yourself stuck in traffic, or you’re waiting outside to pick up your children from a friends house or a day out with friends, then don’t sit with the engine running. Switch it off! Not only will this help with emissions but also reduce your fuel consumption.

Consider other travel options

Do you have to take the car? Travelling by bus or train could add a new and exciting element to your day out with the kids. It might even work out cheaper, and it’s certainly better for the environment. Or you could walk or cycle instead!


Invest in a reusable bottle

Summer means the weather is hot – so we’re going to get thirsty. So rather than spending a fortune on buying bottled water every time you go out, treat yourself and your little ones to some reusable water bottles instead. Not only are you reducing your single-use plastic consumption, but it’s cheaper too!


Bring your own cutlery and straw!

Eating alfresco is one of the reasons why we love summer! But rather than picking up some plastic cutlery from the chip shop or with your shop prepared salad, bring your own travel set! Bamboo or even metal cutlery sets are available online and don’t forget your own metal straw too!

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