What are Adjustable Bed Frames and how could they help my sleep?

Moving on from their former clinical reputation for only really being found in hospitals, adjustable beds are progressively finding themselves in more and more homes. If you’re new to the world of adjustable beds you might be wondering what exactly they are and how they could help your sleep and if you’re already in the market for an adjustable bed you may be wondering who, if anyone, is selling the most comfortable and beneficial adjustable bed.

There are plenty of places online where you can collectively view adjustable bed reviews from all of the top brands where they break down why and how they’re a good choice (or in some cases, not so good a choice).

For those who suffer from back or joint pain or tension, or perhaps with sleep apnea, Edema, acid reflux, snoring difficulties or even fibromyalgia, an adjustable bed could be the way forward for you.

Unlike traditional bed frames, adjustable ones give you the option of raising or lowering your upper body or legs, in turn relieving pressure on various parts of the body, consequently helping relieve the aforementioned symptoms and conditions.

If you’re an older adult that has a bit of difficulty getting in and out of bed, these adjustable beds can make the world of difference and really help you maintain your own independence. If you’re apprehensive of getting an adjustable bed because the image in your head is that of a hospital bed, don’t worry. As these beds are getting more and more popular the big brands have taken things into their own hands and started rolling out adjustable beds as stylish as any other bed you may find available to buy.


Additionally, these beds can offer massage functions, which can relieve tensions and pressures, even more, helping you get 100% comfortable before drifting off to get a full and blissful night’s sleep.

It’s also worth noting that some of the top brands, such as Amerisleep, are adding some appealing modern features to their beds, such as USB ports to charge your phone and under bed lighting for extra ambience.

Other features you should look out for include microhook retention which creates enough friction to stop the mattress from slipping down the bed, even when it’s at its steepest angle and wallhugger engineering which ensures that everything on your nightstand is always within reach as you move the angle of your bed around.

We spend around one-third of our day every single day asleep in our beds, so if you’re not having the most comfortable sleep this can have a real detrimental effect on the other two-thirds of your day. If anything deserves your time and money, it’s your bed. Now you know about adjustable beds and how they can help you, why would you not look into it?

Things you should look for when exploring which adjustable bed is perfect for you are customer ratings, price, health benefits, durability and warranty. Once you’re clear on all of these, you’ll be able to confidently walk away with your new adjustable bed.

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