Alternative Family Days Out Ideas

It can be hard to come up with fun family activities when you have done all of the obvious ones recently. The cinema, a nearby park, a local farm, and swimming are a few of the more common activities and, although good fun, they can become a little repetitive. If you want to mix things up a bit then you there are a few brilliant alternative activities that the little ones are sure to love. These alternative activities are the ones that will stick out and create happy memories that you can all look back fondly on. Here are a few examples to try:

Laser Tag

Laser tag is an incredibly exciting activity that kids love. Taking place in cool futuristic, fog-filled arenas, you are armed with a laser gun and must tag your opponents with a laser to win. It is a great way to burn up some energy and encourage the kids to use their cunning to outmanoeuvre others to win the game.


Escape Room

Escape rooms are exploding in popularity right now, and it is easy to see why. They involve being locked inside a room where you must work together to solve clues to escape the adventure. They are a great family activity as they encourage communication and teamwork in a pressure-filled yet fun environment. There are many opening all over the place, so you can find them by searching in your local area – such as Indianapolis Escape Room if you’re from there, or find one within your vicinity.

Mini Golf

Mini golf is a classic that you cannot go wrong with. The unique courses can make it great fun to complete a round, plus it is a way to get some fresh air and sunshine (provided it is a nice day!). A little friendly competition never hurts, but make sure that it remains friendly!

Trampoline Park

There is no feeling quite like soaring high into the air off of a trampoline. Trampoline parks are fantastic fun and allow your little ones to burn off plenty of energy. These places take safety very seriously, and there are usually other alternative areas to play too.


Outdoor Adventure Centres

Outdoor adventure centres allow you to get out into the UK’s beautiful forests and soar through the trees with various ziplines, rope climbs and other obstacle course-style activities. This certainly is a unique activity and one which encourages the kids to connect with nature. Again, safety is paramount at these places, so you do not have to worry about your kid getting hurt.


These are just a few fun alternative activities to try the next time you are planning a family day out. The more common activities are great and can be highly valuable experience, but they can become predictable when you do them on a regular basis.

It’s always good to encourage children to try new activities and step outside their comfort zone – the above will all do this and will prove to be a brilliant day out that you all enjoy together.

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas for family days) My nephew really liked the idea with the quest room. So after quarantine, we will definitely go there with him.

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