Soji – the luxury self-cleaning, antimicrobial towel that is infused with silver

After the disaster that has been 2020, we are all more conscious about making sure our homes are clean and sanitised to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria. We are washing our hands more regularly, but how often do you change your towels?


If I asked you what item contains the most bacteria in the home, would you know what it was? Would you hazard a guess at the toilet, floor or maybe even light switches or door handles?  Bath towels are one of the dirtiest items in your home. They have over 450 times more bacteria than a toilet seat – it’s pretty shocking. This means that if you don’t change your towels daily, you will be wiping bacteria onto yourself and spreading it around the home.

Soji – the luxury self-cleaning, antimicrobial towel that is infused with silver

Soji towels consist of both bath and hand towels woven with antimicrobial silver, which is 100% natural and doesn’t wash away. Silver ions have a positive charge that draws bacteria in like a magnet preventing germs from growing and multiplying. This means that Soji towels are sterile for use even without regular washing and will maintain a fresh a new towel smell as they are self-cleaning.


The benefits of Soji Towels

  • Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus and allergens
  • Self-cleaning – infused with silver and bamboo keeping your towels clean without washing
  • Odour-free for life – guaranteed to stay fresh and smell like new
  • Hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin
  • Breathable twisted-yarn weave that dries three times faster than regular towels and stays soft and fluffy
  • Luxurious with 600 thread count for 5-star hotel comfort


Antimicrobial towels are the way forward

Antimicrobial towels won’t smell or harbour germs and are self-cleaning. If you are looking to change your towels – antimicrobial towels are a must.

Soji Towels are currently on Kickstarter where you can pre-order and get up to 50% off their range, visit

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