Bespoke wooden doors – where to buy them

It is often the case, especially in older houses, that the window and door openings are of an unusual size. This can prove to be a little problematic, as that’s when you need to commission a bespoke window or door. Non-standard opening size is, however, not the only reason why people decide to order bespoke doors. You can also do it if you want your door to be shaped differently, fitted with unique ornaments, or made of a specific type of wood. More often than not, such requests are submitted by owners of buildings located in a so-called conservation area, where strict regulations are imposed, designed to maintain architectural consistency.

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What are bespoke doors made of?

All doors can be made of materials such as plastic (uPVC), steel, or wood. In this article, however, we focus on bespoke wooden doors. The type of wood is often chosen based on the purpose of the given door – for example, a popular front-door wood is oak, the absolute top of the range when it comes to wood quality. On the other hand, internal doors are more frequently made of pine, which is robust and affordable. Other popular wood types include:

  • Larch
  • Alder
  • Teak
  • Badi
  • Mahogany

Manufacturers hardly ever use exotic woods (for instance badi or mahogany) for products normally available in their existing stock. So if you are interested in a unique timber door, you will most probably have to commission it individually.

Why do we buy bespoke doors?

Naturally, ordering a bespoke door makes a lot of sense if the door openings in your building or of a non-standard size or shape. But why else would anyone need a custom-made door? As discussed earlier, some people want to have their doors decorated, carved, or glazed. Other than that, such requests may result from conservation officers’ orders. Finally, there are also more prosaic reasons – after all, some people just don’t want to be forced to pick a product available in the stock of a local home-improvement store. Additionally, the quality of such doors and windows is often poor.

Bespoke internal doors for the demanding

The best timber doors and windows manufacturers always prioritise the client’s needs. For such companies, the quality of the final product is more important than the price. Modern woodworking technologies allow producers to create wooden doors and windows that are perfectly tailored to the customer’s needs. Many companies deal exclusively with orders for bespoke doors or windows, which is why they also pay a lot of attention to the quality of customer service and cost estimation. This is because they have the time to do so and take good care of each customer and their commission.

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Bespoke doors in London

A bespoke wooden door is a decoration in itself. In London, many people decide to commission a carved or glazed door – for example, with a pane of stained glass in the middle part of the door. A customer who decided to order a custom-made door is free to choose its size and shape, as well as the colours of paints, varnishes and wood oils. Obviously, this is out of the question when buying doors from a local shop.

Companies that specialise in the production of unique-design doors have considerably more space and resources to work on and polish the smallest details. Mass production usually translates into a more attractive price, but you cannot expect perfect quality – and sometimes, such doors don’t even really fit the openings.

Ordering wooden doors in London

Bespoke wooden doors are particularly popular on the UK market, as the entire country is filled with conservation areas. Classic British architecture stimulates the growing demand for modern timber doors – particularly the front doors, which are, in a sense, the true gem in the building’s facade.

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