Boy’s Bedroom Ideas

I have written many times in the past about how we need to look at extending our home or even moving to a bigger property. As the boys are getting older, it makes sense that we will need more space for them to grow into. and of course, they won’t always be wanting to share their bedroom.

We did make a start on redecorating earlier this year but we didn’t get to quite finish what we had in mind. I do have plans for the whole house, but one of the most urgent areas in need of change is the boy’s room.

This year, E turned 10 and M was 7. They’re not babies anymore and over the years, they have accumulated a lot of toys. Squeezing everything into a small space has become tricky as will dividing up the room as they get older and want their own spaces. Short of adding an extension to our home to create a new room, we will need to look at creative ways to utilise the space we have while also giving them both some much-needed space and privacy as they continue to share the same bedroom.

Of course, we will be needing to fully redecorate the room too as well as add in new carpets. The boys can help to choose a colour and style that they like as they are old enough to know what they both like and how they would like their room to look.

Gaming/Reading nook

My boys love playing on their Nintendo Switch so creating a small spot for them in the room would allow them to play together or individually and have a space to call their own. Of course, this would need some oversized floor cushions, a gaming chair or bean bag and a storage unit to create the look. The boys currently have bunk beds to maximise the space however, moving the bunk beds could allow us to use the space more creatively and create the perfect spot for each of them to relax.

Another great idea is to install a utility bench. A cushion on top would make it the perfect place to sit and play or relax while the base hits all their toys to help


Clever Storage

Most parents know, you need to get creative with storage. For us, this would mean getting low lying units with wheels to use the space effectively under the bunk beds. This would free up floor space for us to use to help create a less cluttered space.

In the bedroom, we have built-in storage. One way to utilise the space better would be to have it redesigned to make it more practical for the boys as they get older. Creating a purpose-built wardrobe/storage unit would not only add character to the room but be perfect for the boys as they get older.

Go Up!

Walls are often underutilised when it comes to storage ideas. Making a centrepiece on the walls using the boy’s toys will not only give us extra storage space but add some of their personalities to the room too. They both love tanks so a shelved wall hanging that could hold and house all their cars, tanks and other collections would definitely be worth looking into for us. Especially as I can see their collection continues to grow over the years!


Do you have any space saving ideas for boys’ bedrooms that would work for us?

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