National Super Hero Day: The Boys’ Top 4 Favourite Super Heroes

Did you know that it’s National Super Hero Day today? In honour of this, the boys have been channelling their inner superheroes and have told me their top four favourites.


Without a doubt, Batman is currently the favourite in this house. I *think* it may have stemmed from their recent trip to see The LEGO Batman movie. That and the fact we were sent a DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman. They boys have been finding it hilarious to hear the punching noises when they pretend to be hit by Batman and his eyes light up and if you press his chest you can hear signature Batman phrases too.

I asked the them why they loved Batman so much and they said:

“…because his Batmobile can turn into a submarine – so cool!”

“I like Batman because his belt has things (batarangs) that he can throw that can hit baddies in the face!”

I think that’s hit the nail on the head for me. Batman does indeed have some pretty cool weapons and if you really think about it – he doesn’t actually have any super powers to help him either and can still defeat the bad guys.


Wouldn’t you like to be able to swing around the buildings of New York City fending off enemies? Spidey also has a sense of humour too so what’s not to love?


Some might not see Hulk as a superhero but he’s just as credible as the rest of them. So he might be mean and green but when he does the Hulk smash you certainly don’t want to be anywhere near him.

I still remember the time we took the boys to see Marvel Live! and M had been impatiently waiting to catch a glimpse of the Hulk throughout the whole show only to swiftly fall asleep in my arms seconds before he made his appearance!

Iron Man

I can’t decide if it’s his wit, charm or the fact that his “suit” flies to him that makes Iron Man cool? Regardless the boys love him but I think that is probably more to do with the fact he is best friends with Hulk and part of The Avengers too.

Who’s your favourite Superhero?

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