Fun for all ages – Diggerland, Kent

Imagine a place where both kids and adults queue with enthusiasm to go on rides that are all bright yellow. A place where it’s totally acceptable for adults to visit even without children in tow… does such a place exist?

Well yes, it does!

You might have the words “theme park” in mind, and you would be right, it is a theme park – of sorts.

Diggerland is a different experience to any of your usual theme parks though. Here you get to ride, drive and operate real diggers, JCBs and dumper trucks and like I said at the start – its a place where both kids and adults get to have fun.

diggerland kent

We previously visited Diggerland, Kent a few years before but M was only two back then and couldn’t go on many of the rides (you have to be 90cm or more to enjoy Diggerland fully). This time though, he was raring to go and couldn’t wait to try out everything he’d missed out on before.

Our last visit was on a cold and rainy February and while we had a great time I was looking forward to experiencing Diggerland in the warm and dry this time around.

Our day out at Diggerland, Kent

We arrived at 10am and got stuck in straight away. The boys were keen to get on the Dirt Diggers so Mr H paired up with M and E was old enough to operate one on his own.

I honestly think that E has found his true vocation in life – he was a complete natural with the digger and just hopped on and started operating it like he’d been doing it all his life!




After that, there was no stopping them. I lost count of the number of times we went on the Dig-a-Round – a JCB that had been modified into a merry-go-round.


Aside from operating diggers, the boys also tried their hand at Go Karting and driving Mini Landrovers too.


Their most favourite of the day by far was the Ground Shuttle. You are strapped in and thrown about as the JCB that has a carriage mounted to the front of it, is driven over bumpy ground. I have to say; I was terrified. I was literally being thrown out of my seat! I would highly recommend that you sit in the middle if you can as it’s definitely less bumpy! The boys thoroughly loved this and went on a few more times whilst I bowed out and watched instead.




We had a great day out and didn’t have to queue too long for any of the rides. We were so busy having fun outside that we didn’t even make it to the indoor soft play area.

If you’ve never been to Diggerland before, I would recommend a visit – it really is a unique experience. There are four Diggerland sites around the UK: Devon, Yorkshire, Kent and Durham and is open at weekends from 10am until July (peak season) where it then opens all week.


*We were invited to Diggerland for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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