Dining at Kingston Riverside

I have lived in and around Kingston all my life. I’m lucky to be within a half hours train ride to Central London but generally, we are very spoilt with great shops and restaurants as well as beautiful views of the River Thames so it’s not very often we need to go further afield.

Many of my friends who live further out also love coming to Kingston for shopping and all it has to offer and just over the weekend I was chatting to the owner of The Little Gym in Cobham about the vast choice of restaurants there are.

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Riverside Walk, Kingston to sample some of the delights their restaurants had to offer.

Riverside Walk, Kingston is made up of five restaurants: Bill’s, Busaba Eathai, CAU, Comptoir Libanais and Côte and their aim is to build a reputation to be known as one of the best riverside places to eat.

Our first stop was CAU an Argentinian restaurant with an Italian/Spanish twist. Here we were greeted with some delicious cocktails and canapés. I have previously heard many good things about this restaurant but had never gotten around to going. I was driving so couldn’t go wild on the cocktails but I did try the Pink Spritz which was very refreshing and perfect for a sunny evening like the one we had that day.

I have to say the food was amazing. We had a variety of things sample including mini pork belly, mini skewers of chicken, chorizo and smoked lamb, beef taco, croquettes, fried wings and steak skewers. I was completely blown away by the steak skewers, they literally melted in my mouth and was just delicious! And if that wasn’t enough there were also mini brownies and churros. I’m not usually a fan of churros but these were so good – it proved hard not eat too much to save room for the other two restaurants here.

Comptoir Libanais
Next was the Lebanese restaurant Comptoir Libanais which translates to mean Lebanese Canteen. Again I’d not visited before and upon entering the restaurant I was really surprised by how spacious the restaurant is. The decor made me feel like I was on holiday and they had prepared a lovely table of food for us which included: grilled lamb and chicken, falafel, hommos, pitta bread and more.

Last but not least, we ended our evening in Côte. Côte is a modern French brasserie and is one of my favourite restaurants. There is one near my work which I frequent with colleagues and I love their lunch time menu. We were here to try out some desserts and a dessert wine.

The desserts we had were: Dark Chocolate Mousse and a Crème Caramel. Usually given the choice a chocolate dessert is what I normally go for – that or cheesecake so I was initially unsure of if I would like the Crème Caramel. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and actually really enjoyed it, so much so that it is definitely something I would consider having again. The Dark Chocolate Mousse was also delicious and didn’t last long at all!

I had a lovely evening sampling some delicious food along Kingston Riverside and now I have managed to try a few places that I’d not visited before, I am looking forward to visiting again with my family.

Have you visited any of these restaurants along Kingston Riverside before – what did you think?

*I was invited to sample these restaurants in exchange for this post but all opinions are honest and my own


  1. Becky @ Educating Roversi

    Oooh these all look lovely, especially the churros! What a great idea – three restaurants in one night. I don’t think i could hold back in each to save room for the next! Ha ha! #KCACOLS

  2. Oh what a lovely day for you – I would have loved to join all you bloggers – and you had such gorgeous weather too which always helps the day to be even better doesn’t it? And, oh my word, how amazing do those brownies with marshmallows on top look – I am definitely going to add marshmallows to the brownies I make – amazing! Thank you for sharing #KCACOLS

  3. Mommy's Little Princesses

    I can’t say I have heard of these restaurants but they do sound rather intriguing. The food looks so colourful and yet so different at each restaurant. I must admit that cocktail sounds rathere nice.xx #KCACOLS

  4. I’ve not heard or visited any of the restaurants but my god the food looks so delicious!

  5. So much lovely food! It is always nice to find somewhere new to eat. I bet the views from there are wonderful. I would have definitely gone for the chocolate dessert!

  6. I love to see reviews of different areas as we are always out and about. Those restaurants all sound fab and I love the way you went along to each of them to sample the delights. I particularly like the look of the Argentinian one. These places really come into their own when the weather is good don’t they. There is nothing finer than dining by the river on a summer evening. Thank you for sharing these tasty delights with #KCACOLS and we look forward to reading another of your lovely posts next Sunday. Nicky x

  7. Those skewers look really yummy and creme caramel is one of my favourites!Probably a good job I don’t live near or they’d be rolling me out 😀 x #kcacols

  8. Oh this looks so good! I love Kingston, and the riverside area definitely has some great restaurants. I’ve been to Cau before, not the Kingston one but the Guildford one, and it was amazing! The food was so good. That dark chocolate mousse looks so yummy! #KCACOLS

  9. The Lebanese place looks awesome, now I’m just hungry. And jealous. #kcacols

  10. This is making me so hungry right now! All of these restaurants sound pretty amazing and I love how they each have a different cultural theme. I would definitely want some of that dessert. Maybe I will have to get adventurous and try a new place this weekend. Thanks for sharing! #KCACOLS

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