My first bike and a trip down memory lane

Do you remember your first bike?

Mine was a blue Raleigh – very similar to the one pictured below. I LOVED that bike and spent hours riding around outside our house in it. Eventually, it got passed down to my brother and sister and I helped them learn how to ride too. By the time my sister had it the stabilisers were rather wonky!


Halfords asked me to take a trip down memory lane and share with you one of the most popular bikes of the 80s (see below). I never had a Raleigh Vektar but even now, this bike sounds super cool and probably something my boys would love!


After passing my Raleigh bike down to my siblings, I was upgraded to a pink BMX which I think was called “Miami Miss” I loved the freedom that bike gave me. Friends would come and knock on my door after school asking if I was allowed out to play. We would go off on the longest bike rides and end up in the local park or youth club. Speaking of which, youth club was something I looked forward to weekly. There was a duke box there and my friends and I would put Tiffany “I think we’re alone”on repeat and make up dance routines to go with it. I also walked to school aged 8 or 9 – something that most certainly would not happen now! My mum also gave me my first perm –  I can’t even remember how she managed to convince me to do it but never again!

The boys are still learning to ride their bikes without stabilisers but I don’t think it will be long before they will the ones riding around with their friends and enjoying the freedom their first set of wheels brings.

Do you remember your first bike?



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