French Bulldogs and how to take care of them

French Bulldogs are a very popular dog breed, and it’s not hard to see why! They are a very laid-back and friendly breed and full of character. If you are a new owner or a soon-to-be owner of a Frenchie, this quick guide will give you all you need to know about them:


Easily recognisable with their large, upright ‘bat’ ears and squashed faces, they have very smiley faces that are adorable and can cheer you up instantly. They have short, sturdy bodies, and a very short coat, which is very manageable to groom and keep clean. They come in several colour variations, including brindle, fawn, and black, with or without white patches. French bulldogs typically do not bark often but are fairly loud due to the snorting noises they make, which for many people is part of their charm. They are also loud snorers, so be warned!


Typical Diet

French bulldogs don’t eat much food, as they are a smaller breed and require a healthy balanced diet of dog food and the occasional reward-treat. You can choose whether to feed your dog wet, dried, or raw food, or you could even opt for water-activated freeze-dried raw food. If you are shopping for dog food, you may wish to see if there is a Dr Marty Pets coupon code that you can use for cashback offers on dog food and treats. As with any dog, you shouldn’t feed them food from your plate, this can encourage begging behaviour, and human food can be toxic to dogs and lead to obesity. Their food bowl should be shallow, as they do not have a long snout. Puzzle feeder bowls are popular to encourage slower eating.

As a popular breed, dog food companies have breed-specific food so your Frenchie can have a diet tailored to suit their nutritional needs. If you are looking for the best food for a Frenchie puppy, to avoid health problems, this guide by Bella & Duke can help. Bella & Duke are a well-loved and trusted company that makes nutritional natural raw dog food tailored to your dog’s needs, so they are a good option to consider when looking for high-quality dog food.


Exercise and Playtime

As a non-sporting breed, they might not have enough stamina to go mountain climbing and run a marathon with you. They do have plenty of energy, though, and appreciate a brisk walk as much as the next dog. French Bulldogs require moderate exercise and love to play with you, as they adore attention. They are quite intelligent dogs so you should start training your puppy as early as possible. Soft toys, rubber balls and tug-of-war rope toys are all great options, playtime is a good way to tire them out, so they don’t look for their own sources of entertainment around your home.


Due to their short legs and heavy, stockier build, French Bulldogs cannot swim, so you should take extra care when exercising your Frenchie near deep water. They should never be left unattended near pools or large bodies of water. Just like any other puppy, you should ensure your home is safe by keeping wires and cables out of reach and remove small objects that they could choke on. This can include remote controllers, as batteries can come out and be a dangerous hazard.


French bulldogs thrive on attention; they are very needy and cuddly dogs and love to be around you. They are very much companion dogs and will not like to be left alone for long. They are a playful, adaptable, and friendly breed and make lovely dogs for one-person households and families too. They get on well with children, but you should never leave any dog alone with babies and small children, no matter what breed they are. They generally get along with everyone and all other dogs and enjoy making new friends.


As with many breeds, they are susceptible to breed-specific health problems that you should be aware of. Good breeders usually seek to choose breeding pairs carefully to avoid health problems and diversify the gene pool. However, not every breeder is a good breeder, so be sure to check they are Kennel-Club registered and that you can see the mother dog and her living conditions. Any good breeder should be able to show you the mother dog and produce valid paperwork confidently. Even the most well-bred dog will still be susceptible to health problems, however, and you should make efforts to take care of your dog sufficiently and make regular visits to the vet for health checks.

Their flatter faces mean they can have breathing problems, and they can also have eye problems due to their shallow eye sockets and more bulbous eyes. They can occasionally have allergies and skin troubles too. Their folds in the skin on their faces need wiping to help prevent a build-up of dirt and irritation, and it is also good to wipe their ears and noses to prevent infection. Due to their more squashed faces and potential difficulties breathing, they can have more difficulty in hot weather.

French bulldogs are a lovely dog breed and make charming and comical companions. They are such a popular dog breed, and once you meet one, you will fall in love too!

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