Handy and helpful hacks to prevent household chaos 100%

No matter how prepared you are as a mum, something will always crop up and turn your plans upside down. When you are in charge of running a household, it can seem like there are never-ending tasks to perform. The laundry pile doesn’t get smaller, and the house can never stay tidy. Keeping your entire family organised isn’t easy, but there are a few ways in which you can simplify the process. Instead of getting stressed and overwhelmed with the household chores, it’s time to prevent chaos from occurring. Consider the following handy and helpful hacks to maintain a calmer household in an instant.

A Shared Family Calendar

With so many people to keep track of, it seems almost impossible to work with a regular, old fashioned diary these days. One child might have a dentist appointment while the other has a football game, but how do you stay across these appointments and activities without driving yourself crazy? You might want to look into how to use Google Drive on Mac; with a shared calendar on Google Drive you and your partner can have instant access to your family schedule. Store, sync, and update your data wherever you are so that there is never any confusion amongst the family.


A Structured Routine

Getting the kids into a structured routine will work wonders for your family. Of course, you don’t need to adopt a military regime, but it helps to keep a basic routine so that everyone’s body clock is running at a similar pace. For example, meal times, bath time and bedtime are great to keep at the same time each day because they are all key markers that the kids can recognise.

Nutritious Meal Plans

When you’re trying to wrangle together a clan of hungry and unhappy campers life will never be easy. Make sure you have a recipe book full of ideas that you can always turn to when you need them. Planning out your meals for the week can really help to reduce stress and give your family the energy they need to get through a busy day.

Mood Lifting Activities

You should always have a handful of mood-lifting activities that are guaranteed to keep your little ones happy. Whether they love playing Uno or having relay races in the garden, there are so many activities out there that can lift the spirits of you and your kids. Try to steer clear of using the television as a distraction; it is much better to choose activities that are educational or based in the fresh air.

There isn’t a household out there that runs seamlessly and smoothly without a hitch. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect, because this won’t help you get on top of your duties. Remain as relaxed as possible without too much of a military structure and all of your plans should fall into place seamlessly. Being a mum will never get any easier, but if you can adopt some of these simple techniques, you will start to get into a routine that works for you.

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