Have a brand new oven? Try it out with these dessert ideas

Getting a brand new oven generally means you have a lot of new features that you can use. Not only that, but the oven probably heats up much faster as well. This is perfect if you were looking to bake desserts for you, your family, or your friends. What should you look into making though? With so many options to choose from, it comes down to what you are craving and what you feel like making. Here are some great dessert ideas to try out in your new oven.


Sugar Cookies

When it comes to desserts, sugar cookies are some of the easiest to make. All it takes is some simple sugar, baking powder, flour, and a few other ingredients. Once you have made the batter, stick them in your new oven for a few minutes and prepare for a delicious dessert. As per a blog post at kitchenauthority.net/best-baking-blogs, sugar cookies are extremely easy to make and it is also easy to make a lot of them. This makes them the perfect dessert if you want to feed a whole bunch of people or have a dessert that will last for a while.


The dessert most people generally think of first is cake. Cake is amazing because there are so many things you can do with it depending on your baking skills. If you want something more advanced, you can look at something like red velvet, however, you can keep it simple with just a chocolate or vanilla cake. No matter who you are baking for, they will definitely appreciate a hot and fresh cake from the oven. Take your new oven for a spin and give yourself some culinary experience by challenging yourself with a nice cake.



Pies are another type of dessert that can be simple to make, but if you are experienced, you can truly take your pie to the next level. Developing a soft and flaky crust and top pastry is difficult, however, if you pull it off, people will be coming back for seconds. Don’t worry if you aren’t the most experienced either with pie, as the crust and top pastry will still be just as delicious. The other challenge when it comes to pie is the filling. If you bake the pie for too long, you risk burning the filling that is stuffed inside. There is no better smell than a nice pie cooling after it has been baked in the oven.


Brownies are another traditional dessert that is extremely easy to make but is also extremely popular. Brownies have a level of customisation as well, as you can put in chocolate chips, and many other ingredients. Be careful when baking, however, as it is very easy to make them too thick and heavy. Developing the perfect recipe for brownies will take some trial and error, but once you have it, you will be quite happy with yourself.


If you want to enjoy a cake but don’t want to commit to a huge dessert, then you should try and make yourself some cupcakes. Getting a cupcake tray or two and once again, using whatever you want with it, you can make some delicious and soft cupcakes. For an added layer of excitement, let the people who are going to enjoy them decorate them. Cupcakes are easy to make and can be a whole lot of fun in family gatherings.

Bread Pudding

People don’t often think about bread pudding with desserts, however, it is quite delicious. You can throw in some cinnamon and raisins to give it some extra flavour and enjoy it. This dish is especially popular in England, however, it has become a staple in some of the southern regions of the United States as well. Fire up the oven and make yourself some bread pudding.

Apple Crumble

If you want to make a pie-type dish but are concerned about all of the pastry and the crust, you can instead elect for an apple crumble. This dish is exactly like pie, except it does away with the pastry shell. Throw in some apples and sprinkle some cinnamon around and enjoy this amazing dish, it definitely will not disappoint.

These are all great dishes that you should try out in your new oven. Baking just like any skill requires a lot of patience and practice, so don’t be frustrated if things don’t turn out the way you hoped at first. If your desserts are a big hit, you could even look to start selling them online to other people. What kind of dessert do you plan on making in your new oven?

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