How to bond and grow as a large family

Investing time in family bonding helps us enhance our family connections while allowing us to do what we love. There are many ways to spend time together, such as eating together, participating in activities together, helping each other out, and calling one another.

Families can benefit from these activities by getting to know one another, understanding them, feeling united, and forming a stronger bond.

The role of the parent is crucial in fostering and protecting these family bonds. However, family bonds are not always built naturally. Having time for your family can be challenging in our busy, day-to-day lives.

If you want to know how to bond and grow as a large family, here are some steps to guide you.


Try volunteering

Giving out into the world makes us happier and more appreciative of our own lives. It’s always a rewarding experience to volunteer your time and energy to make someone’s life better. Your family will have a stronger bond when you share these learning experiences together.

If your family consists of smaller children, then exposing them to volunteering, and introducing them to different ways of life, can increase their appreciation for those who are different from them. It can also foster feelings of empathy and understanding which is an important personality trait for healthy adults.

Don’t be afraid to communicate

Getting together and communicating individual issues and needs can be difficult if you have a large family. We are able to strengthen our relationships by allowing ourselves to talk about the good as well as the bad. By doing so, we create a safe space for everyone to share difficult feelings or release resentment.

Encourage healthy communication without judgment so everyone can express their feelings. Pay attention and respond sensitively to all kinds of things, providing solutions isn’t always necessary. Trust is built by accepting uncomfortable conversations.

It’s hard for younger children to communicate without a filter, so be prepared for some honest and perhaps surprising emotions.

Teenagers and their families sometimes have difficulty discussing sex, alcohol, and drugs. What better way to have these kinds of conversations than while sitting down together with the goal of open communication in mind.

Spend some quality time together

Get your family together a few times a week, perhaps for a few evening walks or movie nights. You will be able to connect, have fun, and catch up on any important events in your lives.

If you have a big family with different age groups, try doing some adult activities while getting the younger children to help you with the chores or to run errands. Despite their protests, they will feel part of your life instead of being treated like a nuisance. Adults need to be alone sometimes and this can be difficult if you have a large family.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or give up convenience to spend quality time with your family. Choose activities you know you’ll love doing together. Maybe something you haven’t done for a while, or never tried before. Go rock climbing or try extreme sports like white water rafting; anything to get the endorphins flowing to make you fully present and at the moment.

Pick a day of the week for family meal time

Gathering together with a large family during the weekend can be tough when everyone has plans and places to be. So, arrange a day of the week when everyone has to create a free day in their diary for family meal time.

Meet in the mornings for a cooked or continental breakfast. Go somewhere nice for lunch and share dessert. Or spend an evening making a meal, with every member of your family having their own portion of the meal to prepare. Make sure everyone stays to clean up afterward, and have a chat while doing it!

During these times, it would be great if you could incorporate some family games into the mix. Try family bingo or charades to get the fun times rolling.

Families can give each other the greatest gift of all by spending time together. Sharing quality time with family members not only strengthens and builds bonds but also brings everyone in the family a sense of belonging and security.


But sometimes busy work schedules and hobbies can create barriers to important family time.

Hopefully, you will now be better prepared to help your family build a strong and healthy foundation. Strong relationships help us feel at ease and contribute to the maintenance of good health for everyone.

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