How to maintain a good sleep routine during the school summer holidays + win a deluxe bedding bundle

School’s out! But how can you make sure your kids are getting enough rest? Phil Lawlor, Sleep Expert at Dormeo, offers his advice for making sure your children have a good sleep routine during the summer holidays.

Light nights, stuffy temperatures, and no routine — sleeping in summer can be hard when you’re a kid! Luckily, there are a few things that we can do as parents to make bedtime easier for our little ones. So, below are my tips for encouraging a healthy sleep routine in your kids during the summer holidays.

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Develop good bedtime habits

Let your kids get plenty of exercise and sunlight during the day and have them spend as little time in their bedrooms as possible. That way, they associate their rooms with sleep and will find it easier to drift off when they get into bed. Having clearly defined day and night times also helps their circadian rhythm, which makes it easier for them to drift off as well as rise in the morning. So, encourage them to go outdoors or be otherwise active during the day and leave relaxing for the evenings.

As it’s the holidays, your kids can stay up later than usual if you think it’s okay for them to do so, but they should still have a set bedtime. If you’re going to let them stay up an extra hour or two, try to be consistent as possible so their bodies can adapt and settle into a sleep routine. If they’re going to be out doing things during the day, either with you or their friends, have them back home and winding down a good few hours before bedtime so their bodies (and brains) can prepare for sleep.

Be sensible about technology

Because technology is becoming such a huge part of our lives, it’s getting increasingly important to cut down the use of mobile phones, tablets and other devices before bedtime. The blue light from the screen can actually make us feel more alert and cause our sleep routines to go out of sync, so children should be discouraged from scrolling through social media, watching online videos, or playing games about two hours before they go to bed.

You could ban electricals from their bedroom, or, if your children use their mobile phone or tablet as an alarm, tell them to keep it on the other side of the room so they’re not tempted to use their devices in bed. If they can’t sleep, a non-digital pastime like reading a book can help them pass the time without affecting their ability to fall sleep.

Create the perfect sleep environment

A child’s bedroom should be a comfortable temperature. In summer, it can fluctuate wildly between stuffy and chilly depending on the weather, so make sure your little ones aren’t too hot or too cold by opening their windows or turning on the heating as needed. Better yet, give them plenty of duvet and blanket options that they can use to adapt their bedding to the temperature that day.

Duvets come in different thicknesses or togs. In summer, your child may need a duvet with a lower tog of around 4.5 that is light and airy but still keeps them cosy. That way, their bodies can breathe as they sleep, and they won’t get sweaty. Then, in winter, you can swap to a heavier duvet for extra warmth.

Bedrooms also need to be dark enough to encourage sleep, so make sure you have curtains or blinds installed that can block out the light nights that keep your little one awake past their bedtimes. There’s nothing worse for falling asleep than lying in bed with the sun still shining in, feeling like you’re missing out!

Then, once you’re confident you’ve created a good environment for sleeping, encourage your kids to keep a tidy bedroom. Clutter can actually affect our sleep by increasing our heart rate and making us feel stressed, so your children should put their toys, games, and clothes away before bed to ensure they get a good night’s rest.

By following the tips in this guide, you can help your kids maintain a good sleep routine during the holidays which should keep them healthy and happy. Plus, they’ll have plenty of energy during the day for any exploring and activities that you have planned.

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