Investing for your children’s future, What’s best?

All parents ask themselves the question: How do I offer my child the best? This is why some parents invest money for their future education. But not everyone has the financial means to do this. Today, however, investing is easier and there are ways to do so that have less risk. First of all, you have to ask yourself how you intend to invest the money. Do you want to invest a large amount once or save up month after month? As soon as you know how you want to make provision for what time, the next step is to choose a suitable investment opportunity.


Shares and cryptocurrency

Investing in stocks over a long period of time can be extremely rewarding. As the company grows, a share constantly gains in value and can be worth many times over in 10 years. One benefit that stocks offer is mixed fund savings plans. You can save these with a monthly sum and they usually grow by a few percent annually. Since these funds are made up of the shares of many different companies, real estate and precious metals, their development is very stable. Neither large gains (over 10% annually) nor large losses (over 5% annually) are to be expected. You can invest in cryptocurrency or learn about how it works first. You may want to look at OTC desk trades
for example.

Precious metals

Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum are very good at avoiding losses and poorly when it comes to making high profits. The biggest problem is the starting price: if you buy your metals too expensive, you end up losing money. But if you want to use a low price in the long term, you have to invest a large sum in one fell swoop. Saving a precious metal deposit over a longer period of time through monthly installments is certainly possible, but rarely makes sense. So you have to regularly check for yourself when it is a good time to invest. Nevertheless, gold coins or bars are a popular gift that is given to children when they graduate from school or when they come of age. If you want to invest in precious metals, you should do your research beforehand.

Real Estate

Real estate has a similar problem to precious metals: If you want to see a high level of security and good development immediately, you have to invest a lot of money at once. The real estate market in many countries has been growing rapidly for years and there is still no end in sight. One advantage of real estate is similar to that of precious metals: the chance of a total loss of the money invested is low. Nevertheless, you should exercise caution and think carefully about the form in which you want to invest. By saving a real estate fund monthly, you have a relatively safe return of a few percent per year (currently 1 to 3%). If that’s not enough for you, you have to buy a property yourself. But there are risks associated with buying it yourself. You must ensure you know all the specifications before making any investment decisions.

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