Life under lockdown: Week 4

I want to document our life during this lockdown period due to COVID-19 pandemic, somewhere to jot down thoughts, feelings and generally how our family is coping with life under lockdown…

Week beginning Monday 13 April, 2020

The second week of the Easter holidays and its been so nice not having to organise the morning ready for homeschooling. We had a long weekend with it being Easter and the bank holiday landed on our 11th wedding anniversary. Needless to say, it wasn’t a very eventful one as we couldn’t go anywhere! Last year, when we celebrated our 10th anniversary and we went on a little mini-break to Warwick. Who would have guessed that just a year later things would be so different?

The boys have been happy playing in the garden and with their toys and its meant Mr H and I have been able to concentrate on our work with a lot less distractions. They do keep watching the same things on Netflix though which is a little grating. Apparently, watching the same Teen Titans episode over and over is still hilarious. We did manage to tear them away from the TV for a bit to build some LEGO. E started on building a robotic arm which was a birthday present from last year.

We’ve not really stepped foot outside our front door much. I took the boys for a walk around the block on Tuesday after work. They needed a change of scenery and so we tied this in with posting some homemade birthday cards through a friends door at the same time.


There’s a lot of talk and hearsay at the moment about when the schools will open again with may citing the beginning of May. While it would be great to be able to ease lockdown and have the children back to school and back into some form of semblance of “normal” I do think it’s not something we should rush into too hastily. With Mr H having his own business, we are also worried about the impact this will have on the economy and small businesses. It’s going to take a long time to recover from something like this and many businesses just won’t be able to survive if we are to stay under lockdown for much longer.

I am officially bored with making what feels like 1283859493 meals a day. We are going through everything so much quicker than usual and there’s just no respite from cooking! I have even been thinking about the first restaurant/fast-food chain I want to visit once we come out of lockdown!

We had our first virtual pub quiz with friends over Zoom at the weekend. We each had a category that we had to come up with questions for. We’re going to make it a weekly thing now so its something to look forward to and interaction with other people other than ourselves – win-win!

It’s been confirmed that we are to stay under lockdown for another three weeks. We all knew that this was likely to happen but the question on everyone’s mind is what the exit plans are after lockdown? More than likely, the lockdown will be slowly lifted with certain shops and businesses being allowed to open. People who are not classed as vulnerable will be allowed to go back to work, but even then, how will that work if social distancing still needs to be in place? So many questions and not enough of the answers at the moment.


I am so thankful that my family are healthy. The boys are happy and although I know they miss seeing their friends and being able to go out and about but they are loved and safe at home.

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