Life under lockdown: week 5

I want to document our life during this lockdown period due to COVID-19 pandemic, somewhere to jot down thoughts, feelings and generally how our family is coping with life under lockdown…

Week beginning Monday 20 April, 2020

And…it was back to homeschooling after the Easter holidays. I did think the boys would struggle to get back into it this week but on the whole, it hasn’t been too bad. I actually think I found it harder to get back into the homeschool routine – by the end of Monday, I was completely shattered.

I had a few stressful moments with trying to get work done and helping the boys with their school work this week so I don’t think that helped either.

E had a bad night’s sleep and was really tired on Tuesday. He couldn’t seem to wake up for most of the day and spent most of it yawning. Needless to say, he didn’t end up being overly productive but we all have slow days and they are both doing brilliantly well with getting on with schoolwork every day so I really can’t complain.

M had a call from his teacher this week which was a lovely surprise. She just wanted to check in on us to see how we were getting on and whether there was anything we needed help with. She had a brief chat with M, telling him how much she’s been enjoying seeing his work and how far he’s come on with his handwriting. He didn’t end up saying much to her as he went all shy but it certainly gave him a little boost.

My mother-in-law gave us a Breville sandwich toaster a while back which has just been sitting in the cupboard. However, this week we have made full use of it by having toasties for lunch. The boys are absolutely loving them and it makes a nice change from the usual sandwiches they have. I found out that you can buy interchangeable plates for it and so I invested in some waffles plates for it so I could make homemade waffles. It was definitely a good decision!


E taught M how to play Battleships last weekend and he’s now hooked on it and has been asking to play lots this week.

We decided to finally go on a little family walk on Saturday as it was sunny out. We only walked around the block but we could pretend that everything was “normal” for a bit. We knocked on our friend’s door so we could say hello and we had a little chat (observing social distancing of course) which was really nice. I think we’re definitely starting to get a bit of cabin fever now and will need more regular walks just to clear out heads for a bit.

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