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We had a bit of a busy week last week! I helped out E’s class on Tuesday as they had a school trip to the Globe Theatre. They did lots of walking that day and both came home pooped! Wednesday, M had a Victorian dress-up day where they spent the morning going back in time to see what it was like going to school in Victorian times.

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M's topic this term is all about Victorians and yesterday they had a dress up day where they spent the morning finding out what it was like to go to school in the Victorian times. He learnt about the dunces hat and the cane. He's come out with lots of facts that he's learnt. Including the fact that Victorians didn't smile (which is why they’re both not smiling) when they had their photo taken because it took so long to capture the photo they couldn't keep a smile on their faces for that long! E wore the same outfit when he was in Year 2, I remember it like it was yesterday but it was three years ago! Swipe to see his Victorian pose. Who do you think wore the outfit best?

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Friday the boys went to school in their PJs for Children in Need. M came out of school with a certificate for working hard on writing his Victorian diary. I’m super proud of him because writing is one area he needed to focus on a little more.

I got the boys to start writing their Christmas list on Sunday morning just so we could have an idea on the sorts of things they would like. They’ve both been obsessed with rollercoasters ever since we went to PortAventura in the summer and have seen a LEGO Rollercoaster that they’d like. It’s £300 though so it’s not cheap and when I said it was expensive E turned around and said “but Father Christmas makes it, so it’s ok” I mean, what was I supposed to say to that? I love the fact that he still seemingly believes. I am pretty sure there’s probably been lots of talk about whether Santa is real at school but he’s not questioned it with us yet but we will see. I know it won’t be long though – he’s 10 next year.


We went to visit Great Nanny and had a pub lunch afterwards. The boys packed their rucksack full of drawing materials and kept themselves busy drawing while we were waiting for our food.



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  1. LOVE their matching jumpers – so cute! The Victorian day at school is such a great idea and I bet they loved the Globe theatre! x

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