Mouth-watering instant pot recipes you need to try

An Instant Pot, also referred to as an insta-pot, is a smarter evolution of a conventional pressure cooker that uses steam, pressure, and a surface coated with stainless steel to cook complete meals in a fraction of the traditional slow cooker time. For what could take a whole day in another appliance, consider 30 minutes to an hour to an instant pot. A pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a sauté pan, and more combine the versatility of instant pots.


Instant pots use far less energy than conventional slow-cook appliances, but the technology allows up to six times faster cooking of your food. The instant pot can handle a variety of cooking tasks, saving you precious prep time and allowing you to incorporate different sections of the cooking process into a well-balanced meal without losing valuable nutrients, whether you’re preparing a whole roast or steamed vegetables. There are several healthy recipes that you can find online with a wide selection to suit your taste. In this article, we have listed some of the best tastings and must try Instant Pot recipes.

Whole rotisserie chicken

Tender, juicy, and delicious is this Instant Pot Whole Rotisserie Chicken recipe. Compared to the oven roasting option, it is so simple and quick to make and cook in a fraction of the time. The meat is always falling-off-the-bone, cooked from fresh or frozen, and delectable. Roasting chicken normally takes a fair amount of time to cook slowly in the oven, but not because of our favourite modern kitchen gadget, the Instant Pot. With only 20-30 mins of pressure cooking, you can enjoy fall-off-the-bone-tender chicken. For whole chickens, the amount of cooking time can vary depending on the size of your chicken. In the Instant Pot, the rule of thumb for a whole chicken is that 6 minutes of pressure cooking is needed for each pound of chicken.

Beef roast with veggies and gravy

This fall-apart beef roast is juicy, full of calming flavours, and super-easy to prepare. The carrots and potatoes are baked perfectly, and the gravy is so rich and tasty. Like the recipe of every other mom, but even better because, in the Instant Pot, it cooks in a fraction of the time. You can use a beef chuck roast with some good marbling for this recipe but not too much fat and simply season it with salt and pepper. Let it brown on each side for 5 minutes and saute for 3 minutes with onions and garlic. You can roast it for every pound of meat for 20 minutes of pressurized cooking. For vegetables, they can be pressure cooked for 4 minutes.

Mexican Quinoa and chicken

Within less than 30 minutes, this one-pot, gluten-free, zesty meal is on the table. It’s the ideal recipe for weekly meal planning or any busy weeknight dinner. There are times when ideal quinoa can’t seem to be cooked, it’s either mushy with too much liquid left in the pot, or it burns on the bottom and can’t be eaten. But from perfectly cooked quinoa, Instant Pot takes all the guesswork out. With the addition of delicious jalapeno chicken sausage, this recipe is chock full of all sorts of nutritious goodness, including sweet peppers, black beans, diced tomatoes, fresh onion, garlic, Mexican seasonings. It’s such a good and tasty 30-minute meal.

Baby back ribs

These Instant Pot Baby Back Ribs are certainly a game-changer, no matter the weather, in less than an hour, they are tender, juicy flavoured ribs. These are fall-apart tender BBQ ribs with the most delicious sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. And you can make all this happen, no grilling needed right in the comfort of your home. Just grab your Instant Pot, pick up some baby back ribs, and get to work. In the oven, the ribs are boiled and finished on the grill or under the broiler.

All begins with a quick and delicious dry rub. Mix the brown sugar, the dry mustard, the garlic powder, the spice, the black pepper, the cayenne, and the paprika. Next, at the bottom of your Instant Pot, pour 1 cup of chicken stock. Add one teaspoon of powdered garlic and 1⁄2 teaspoon of salt. Transform the pressure valve into a sealing configuration. Then press the button for meat/stew and set the timer for 30 minutes. The pressurization will take about 15 minutes, then the cooking will begin. For this recipe, you can use other meat cuts as long as they fit in your Instant Pot, then you can cook them in there.

It is possible to cook a plethora of nutritious meals in an instant pot, making it a perfect option for busy people and families without a lot of spare time on their hands to commit to cooking meals. For quick and simple dinners, breakfast, soups, side dishes, desserts, or almost everything you can think of, Instant Pot is perfect. Hope this writing will help you in planning your Instant Pot mouth-watering recipes.

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