Must-haves for a home office

Over the years, flexible working has become the new norm for many, meaning we are able to do our work in the comfort of our own home. Some of us have jobs that allow us to work from both the office and home, while others work from home full time. This means that we need a suitable home office set up that is distraction-free to allow us to do our jobs with ease.

Here are just some must-haves you need for the perfect home office.


Dedicated office area

Having a dedicated room for your home office would be the ideal scenario. However, even having a small corner of a room as a designated home office will help you separate your work and home life meaning you are less likely to be distracted by your surroundings.

Good Lighting

Having an office area where there is lots of natural light will prevent eye strain from staring at your monitor. After all, no one wants to be sat squinting at their screen.

Comfy Chair

Probably one of the most important parts of your home office, investing in a good chair that is comfortable and ergonomic is essential.

Cloud-Based storage and backup

This is the ideal solution when you are working on files between the office and home. Places like DropBox and OneDrive offer business plans with a decent amount of storage space for your files making the transition to work between home and office that much easier. There are also plans available for automatic backup too.

A good broadband connection

Many of our home devices are connected to our internet routers these days. The TV, Tablets, Phones and Smart plugs to name just a few. When you are working from home a fast and reliable internet connection is a must so you can work efficiently. Fibre broadband uses a fibre optic cable to provide high-speed internet into your home and is ideal for busy households where everyone has multiple devices connected to the internet at the same time. There are lots of fibre broadband deals around, so have a shop around for one that is most suited to your budget.

Good storage

For a neat and tidy home office, you will need some decent storage to keep your stationery and paperwork organised so that your desk remains clutter-free. If you have space, a bookshelf would be a good option.

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