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Welcome back to My London – a weekly guest series where my fellow bloggers share their favourite places and memories of the big smoke. This week, I have dad blogger Han-Son from Daddilife.

What do you love most about London?
The diversity of the whole city. London, geographically really isn’t that big – but it has a vibe and culture of diversity that I think is unparalleled in the whole world.

What’s your most favourite memory of London?
Wimbledon park on a summers day. When my son was younger the first time we took him to a big park was in Wimbledon. His eyes just lit up at the amount of space that he could go running around in, and topped off the day with an Ice Cream. It was just one of those magical family days out that I’ll always remember.

Before I became a dad I did a lot of reading around what to expect, and lots of the dad books really left me with a clear impression of making the most of outdoors and the opportunities to really connect as a family. I’ve been trying my best to do that since.

If you had to pick one iconic building in London what would it be?
St Pauls Cathedral. It is an iconic building in its own right, and any building that has the specific policy that stops any other building development from blocking ‘direct visual access’ to it, has got to be pretty special! There’s also a huge amount of history and heritage about how London was born all around that building which makes it truly iconic.


If you could recommend one place that’s off the beaten track and away from the hotspots for someone out of town to visit where would it be?
Berber and Q in Haggeston – I had a rare date night recently and took my partner there. It’s very off the beaten track and sandwiched off an alleyway (!), but the food and atmosphere there is incredible.

Best place you’ve eaten in?
Royal China in Bayswater. I grew up eating a lot of Chinese food, so I’ve become rather picky about what’s really good food – but Royal China really ticks all the boxes. I recently took my mother for her birthday there too, and I wouldn’t risk a restaurant on that occasion unless I knew they could deliver!

Favourite place to visit on a night out and why?
I used to be all about the Soho life, but prefer a good gathering with friends now a lot more. I recently had a brilliant night with the kids at Kew Gardens – where they do night walks around the park! It’s absolutely brilliant there.


If you live in London, how long have you lived there for? If not, what makes you visit time and time again?
I grew up in London and lived here up to 18, and then went away for University and first career moves in Manchester. I moved back in 2014 and have been here ever since.

And finally a bit of fun – write the first thing that pops into your head!

L is for…London Bridge
O is for…Oval (first moved in with my partner there)
N is for… Noodles – particularly from Tonkotsu
D is for… Dalston (no idea why, but it popped into my head!)
O is for…The O2! What they’ve done to transform that place is amazing!
N is for…Nothing beats a Londoner campaign from Nike – was just so brilliant.

Han-Son runs DaddiLife – a parenting website for dads featuring a range of stories, tips and advice on health, lifestyle, modern fatherhood and so much more.

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