Now you are 7

We welcomed you into this world seven years ago – I can hardly believe it was so long ago. I honestly cannot believe that I have been a mother for so long. I’ll never forget the first time I held you in my arms, you were all scrunched up and squidgy. You, my boy, made me a mother.

We started off the weekend with your Minecraft themed trampoline party – something that has been your new obsession since last September. You opened presents a day early so you could spend all of Sunday playing with them and you’ve been spoilt with lots of lovely presents.

This past year, you have loved racing cars, Minecraft and MarioKart. You still love to draw, write stories and playing outside (digging holes in the garden). You’ve had a few firsts this year. The first of your baby teeth came out, you went on your very first sleepover and you smashed Go Ape – something you were really apprehensive about doing. You also finally got to try Go Karting – something you were desperate to do.

Whenever its quiet, you’ll either have your head in a book or you’re building a LEGO masterpiece. You’ve also discovered a love for Horrible Histories recently – something we all like to sit and watch together. You also love to have control of the remote control and like your nanny, you enjoy a good documentary (usually Planet Earth!)

We started swimming lessons in a new place this year and I can’t believe how far you’ve come in your swimming confidence in just a few short weeks. I’ve no doubt you’ll be swimming without aids soon. You are also really keen to learn to ride your bike properly – fingers crossed we get to do lots of practising over the summer.

You’ve grown so much this last year and regularly ask for second helpings. Like daddy, you have a liking for spicy food but will never admit when it’s too hot and instead will drink lots and lots of water. I honestly don’t know where you put all the food you consume but love that you eat pretty much anything.

You made your very own Vlog on your fidget spinner last week and I loved watching the videos back. I think you’re going to give me a run for my money on that front soon!

September will see you start Junior School and M will be starting Reception. I am not ready for that at all, it feels like it was only yesterday that I was preparing you for starting school. I keep telling you to stop growing so fast and you always respond with “I want to stay the same forever” if only that was possible!

You were still half asleep when I crept in to see you this morning before work.

Happy 7th Birthday my biggest boy, I hope you have a great day at school and we’ll see you for pizza later!

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  1. Aww Maria this beautiful. I hope he has a fabulous birthday (ps loved his little vlog!) xx

  2. An absolutely beautiful post,I loved reading it.
    Time goes so fast,but it looks like your making wonderful memories along the way x

  3. What a lovely post to celebrate your little 7 year old. They grow up so quickly don’t they? Wish I could get them to slow down a bit. Hope he had a great time.

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