Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium

A couple of weeks ago, I had the rare opportunity to spend the day with M for a few hours as E was at a school friends party. We had the chance to enter the world of Jellyish at SEALIFE London Aquarium on an exclusive behind the scenes tour.

We are no strangers to SEALIFE and our last visit was to the centre in Birmingham. Ocean Invaders is SEALIFE London’s newest attraction for 2017 and I can say that we were absolutely wowed by it all.

Ocean Invaders is located in the last area of the aquarium. The entrance is very impressive with a projection across a curtain of steam. It’s not like anything I’d ever seen before.

Three interactive zones

The attraction takes you into three unique interactive zones. We started off by seeing the life cycle of jellyfish and saw some teeny tiny cute baby jellyfish.

We found out many interesting facts about them on the tour.

Did you know that jellyfish have no heart,  no blood, no brain and no gills?

The second zone was dedicated to understanding jellyfish. M loved following the projected jellyfish that lit the floor up. There is also an interactive game where you can create your own digital jellyfish and create the perfect environment to help them survive.

The third zone was amazing. We saw lots of jellyfish up close in lit up tanks and with projections and clever lighting everywhere it made for a really immersive experience!

A must-see!

Overall, we loved the new addition to Sealife London. We’ve not seen anything like it before and were wowed by the whole experience.

Ocean Invaders jellyfish experience is the largest in the UK and we would highly recommend that if you are looking for an attraction to visit in London that this is a must see.

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*We were invited on an exclusive tour of Ocean Invaders experience at SEALIFE London with 365 Tickets. All views and opinions are my own.

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