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We’ve been slowly but surely re-doing bits and pieces to our house of late. We put up a new fence in the garden last month as our old ones were damaged by the storms last year and it’s made such a difference to the look of the garden!

One of the other things I am absolutely desperate for is a new kitchen and to add square footage to our home. An extension/conservatory and a new kitchen don’t come cheap and we know that to have this work done we would need to release some of the equity in our home and remortgage.

The thought of having to make an appointment with a mortgage broker to go through our finances and to see what mortgage deals are out there fills me with dread.

We both work during the week so it would mean having to take a few hours out of our weekend to do this and it would also mean we’d have to drag the boys along with us too.

I can already picture the scene.

I would be spending the majority of the time trying to keep the boys quiet and would miss out vital bits of information given to me. It would be a stressful experience and the boys quite rightly would be bored out of their heads. It wouldn’t be a good experience for any of us.

So when I heard about the online mortgage broker Habito I was really intrigued to see if this could help us get a little closer to that new kitchen!

What is Habito?

Habito is an online digital mortgage broker that helps you find the best mortgage deals possible.

They aren’t like traditional brokers whom you have to make and appointment to see – everything can be done either online via live chat or a telephone call with a dedicated mortgage expert. They help you along with your application and are there to help at any point along the process should you have any questions.

I love the idea that a remortgage application can be done in the comfort of your own home. It saves so much hassle and is perfect for busy parents like us.

The process starts off with the digital mortgage advisor. You do need to have information such as how much your property is currently valued at and how much you currently have on your mortgage to hand before you begin but if you have this ready, it should take less than 5 minutes to fill in.

You then choose what type of mortgage you are after and whether you’d like a Capital and Interest Mortgage or Interest only.

One it’s all been filled in, you are taken to your mortgage illustration which gives you a rough idea of what your monthly payments would be like. If you are looking to do a straight forward swap over to find a better mortgage deal, it shows you how much you could potentially save. And if like us, you are looking to remortgage and release some equity for home improvements it would give you an idea of what the monthly payments would be like for that too.

You are able to easily adjust the amounts manually until you are happy with the figure. Once that is done you speak to one of the mortgage experts either through the online chat system or by telephone. They can discuss your options and give you advice until you are happy to proceed further.

This is currently the stage we’re at now and I can’t tell you how simple and easy the process has been so far. Our next step is to speak to someone about the options we have available to us.

The best part of the whole process is that the service is FREE and no credit checks are done until you are 100% sure you are ready to proceed.

I’m looking forward to progressing further with our application and would highly recommend you give Habito a try. Whether you are applying for a new mortgage or want to remortgage you really don’t have anything to lose and it takes less than 5 minutes to start the process.

I’ll let you know how we get on but fingers crossed I’ll be choosing my new kitchen soon!

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  1. This sounds great! I hadn’t heard of it before but I will definitely look into it as we’d like to buy our own house in the next year or two x

  2. Sounds great and so convenient! We are in a fixed term deal at the moment but really want to work out of its worth paying a penalty and leaving it for a cheaper deal. If our current provider can’t give us all the info I’d def look into using this

  3. This sounds really convenient. We love to get a good fixed deal and just redid ours for 3 years!

  4. This looks really convenient. When we are looking to renew I will take a look

  5. This is exactly what we need soon, as we will soon be looking to purchase a bigger property. I will have a nose at Habito. Claire x

  6. We’ll be looking to remortgage in the next few months and this looks like a great service – so much easier than making multiple trips to a bank! x

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