Review: Orchard Toys Money Match Café

Now that M is in Reception he’s taken a real interest in learning all about numbers so when we were offered the Orchard Toys Money Match Café to review I knew it would be something he would enjoy. We’ve always been big fans of Orchard Toys, they’re always good fun and educational – a great combination for learning!

Money Match Café

The Money Match Café game is aimed at 5-8 year-olds which is perfect for my boys who are both in that age range. The game teaches them about coin denominations, what they look like and how to match them together with the cards in the game.

Orchard Games Money Match Café

To play, you have to set up the café first with the use of your teddies, dolls and toys as customers. The game comes with four café tables, one till, a tray, meal cards, two different sets of money cards (easy and hard) and a spinner.


With the money cards faced down (we used both easy and hard cards together) in the middle, the meal cards are divvied out among the players. The first player starts by spinning to see which table they will be serving a meal to (either red, yellow blue or green) They then choose a money card to see if they can match it with any of their meal cards. If they find a match, the meal card is placed on the tray and taken to the til where you use your money cards to pay. The meal is then brought to the right table before it’s the turn of the next player. The first player to serve all their meals is the winner!




M particularly enjoyed this game and had fun matching up the money cards with the meals. I like the fact that there’s a visual representation of the coins as well as the numbers as this helps younger children play the game. The more M has played this, the more confident he’s gotten with matching these up correctly.


The Money Match Café is a great little game that is perfect for school-aged children – particularly those who are in Reception.


  1. Oh, that looks so much fun. We do love Orchard Toys x

  2. My girl is also in reception and currently learning about money and shopping so I think she’d enjoy this!

  3. Rachael Sexey

    This looks amazing for my son

  4. Alana Walker

    We love Orchard Toys games, great quality and fun to play.x

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