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Summer of Fun at LEGOLAND®

There’s no doubt about it; we are a theme park loving family. E had his birthday day out at Chessington back in May. We’ve also previously visited LEGOLAND®, Thorpe Park […]


Should we stay or should we go?

The plan this year, was to finally start the home improvements that we’ve been wanting to do for ages. We worked out how much money we could remortgage and set […]


Summer holiday reading

Summer holidays abroad are all about relaxing on the beach with your nose in a good book, aren’t they? At least, they were pre-children. Since having the boys, our holidays […]


Theme Park fun – Living Arrows 34/53

We had a bit of a change around to our week last week. I swapped my usual Friday off for Wednesday so that we could visit LEGOLAND. We were lucky […]


Review: Maison du Mezze, Kingston

Maison du Mezze Kingston opened in the Bentall Centre back in January and has been somewhere I’d been keen to try out with the boys’. This Summer, kids eat free […]


Fun for all ages – Diggerland, Kent

Imagine a place where both kids and adults queue with enthusiasm to go on rides that are all bright yellow. A place where it’s totally acceptable for adults to visit […]


Our visit to Godstone Farm

If you’re are a regular reader of this blog then you will already know how much we enjoy getting out and about to try new places and new things. My […]


Review: The White Hart, Godstone

We recently visited Godstone Farm for the first time and after a fun day out we were ready to fill our hungry tummies with food. We were invited along to […]


Unusual craft activities for the boys

The boys love spending time doing arts and crafts. It’s also something I can help them out with if they need or just let them take the lead and use their […]


Guest post: 3 easy dairy-free pancake recipes

Pancakes have been a favourite with the children for a long time we generally have them on a Saturday or Sunday, which gives me the chance to experiment. With Oscar […]


My family travel bucket list for Australia

Visiting Australia with the boys is something that is definitely on my wishlist of places to travel. I can’t help but think this is somewhere we would all love and […]