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10 things that make me happy

I’ve not done one of these sorts of posts for a while now but I was tagged ages ago by Katie from Heels and Hooves and have only now managed […]


Boys’ Day Out – Living Arrows 38/53

This week’s photos are from Saturday; I was travelling to Manchester for my first ever Blog On so Mr H decided that he and the boys would accompany me to […]


Review: SmART Sketcher Projector

The boys love drawing; there was a time when E would spend hours and hours doodling and drawing in his sketch pads. He does get a little upset at times […]


7 tasty Veggie Burger recipes

Who doesn’t love to tuck into a tasty veggie burger? A delectable treat to be enjoyed every now and again, the benefits of enjoying a vegetarian feast are many. Veggie burgers […]


Last Friday of Summer – Living Arrows 36/53

This weeks’ Living Arrow photos were taken on the boy’s last Friday of the summer holidays. I asked them where they fancied going as their last day out and they […]


Back to School Essentials

We’ve had a great summer packed with days out and catching up with friends but the start of the new school year is calling! With both boys now at school, we […]


Summer of Fun at LEGOLAND®

There’s no doubt about it; we are a theme park loving family. E had his birthday day out at Chessington back in May. We’ve also previously visited LEGOLAND®, Thorpe Park […]


Should we stay or should we go?

The plan this year, was to finally start the home improvements that we’ve been wanting to do for ages. We worked out how much money we could remortgage and set […]


Summer holiday reading

Summer holidays abroad are all about relaxing on the beach with your nose in a good book, aren’t they? At least, they were pre-children. Since having the boys, our holidays […]