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The curse of the comforter

  M has had a blue elephant comforter called Henry since he was a baby. Being baby number two I knew it was unwise to only have the one comforter […]


Slimming World – the beginning

 So following on from my post yesterday about healthier eating and a new me I spent saturday morning working out what hubby and I are going to eat this week. […]


Time for a new me

  I had every intention at the beginning of this year to lose weight and start exercising again but with I was up to my eyeballs in work and things just […]


Our Favourite Five – June

 It’s almost the end of June and the sun keeps disappearing – what is with that? Having said that, as I write this my patio doors are wide open and […]


Wicked Wednesdays 24-06-15

  Stropping because I washed his comforter. Linking up to #WickedWednesdays by the lovely Em over at Brummy Mummy of 2


Monthly Marvels #1

  Being a blogger I get sent some lovely things from time to time that deserve a mention so here is a new feature on my blog where I will […]


The boys: June 2015

 Each month I will share photos and memories of “the boys” and what they got up to. I hope you enjoy reading. June so far is proving to be a […]


Daddy – what is heaven?

  This is what E asked at bedtime the other night and it threw both my hubby and I. We both knew the time would come when we would have […]


WOW Countdown Calendar review

  We celebrated my biggest boy turning 5 last month and to mark the momentous occasion we were sent a WOW Countdown calendar to review. The idea is much like […]


Top 10 dinosaur programmes for children

  If you have dinosaur-mad children like mine then you will most probably know that the latest instalment of the Jurassic Park series – Jurassic World is out on 11th […]


Father’s Day Gift ideas with Snapfish

  We have numerous pads of E’s drawings lying around the house. It’s safe to say he is following in his daddy’s footsteps with his love of drawing. We have […]


Read with me – May round up

  There’s a small mix bag of posts for this month I hope you enjoy reading. My favourite 90’s TV Shows Ahhh this post from Vicki over at Honest Mum […]


The Kettle Shed Tea review

  If you’ve read my twitter bio then you will know that I’m a bit of a tea lover – earl grey mainly but hubby and I also also enjoy […]


The truth about…having another baby

  I held a newborn baby and had cuddles with another recently and it’s made me feel rather broody. That delicious newborn smell and the lovely sleepy cuddles just brings […]


Our Favourite Five – May

 Each month I will list five things that my family and I have been into –  be it a favourite song/band, new programme on tv, item of food, gadget place(s) […]


Wicked Wednesdays 27-05-15

 From L to R: Sweaty hubby from playing with the kids, M has food in his mouth, my eyes are closed (of course) and E is grimacing – PERFECT Family photo […]


ERGOBaby Carrier review

  When we went Hong Kong last year to visit my grandad who was diagnosed with lung cancer I was dreading the 12 hour flight with M. I was also […]