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Our weekend in photos #2

  It was the last week of Easter break for E so I took thursday and friday off work and had an extra long weekend to spend some quality time […]


OXO 4 Piece Feeding Set – review

  When you have children they are always hungry – fact. So in our household it means we have ridiculous amounts of plastic plates and cutlery and cups (don’t get […]


Wicked Wednesdays 08-04-15

 Not sure how this monkey thinks this is a comfortable position to watch TV?! (or BD as he calls it) Linking up to the lovely brummymummyof2‘s #WickedWednesdays


Our weekend in photos – #1 Easter edition

  We’ve had a busy but lovely Easter weekend. The boys have been properly playing together with miminal arguments and it’s been so nice to see. M’s tantrums haven’t surfaced […]


Read with me – March 2015 round up

  With working and looking after the two boys, its sometimes difficult to find the time to blog let alone read but it is fast becoming one of my passions/hobbies. […]


Wicked Wednesdays 01-04-15

  A rare family selife from Wales last week. I can’t stop smiling when I see this photo. E’s face is just hilarious! Linking up to the lovely brummymummyof2’s #WickedWednesdays


Why mummy is a little sad today…

  I didn’t make it into work today. I woke up this morning to the news that my beloved grandad had passed away. He fought his battle with lung cancer […]


Wicked Wednesdays – 25-03-15

  Paperwork situation is out of control!!! How do your organise/hide yours??!! Linking up to the lovely brummymummyof2’s #WickedWednesdays


Wicked Wednesdays 18-03-15

 Another day – another toddler meltdown….the main pic is because he threw food that he didn’t want to eat anymore and then proceeded to cry because err.. he threw it […]


Dealing with toddler tantrums…

  M turned 2 at the beginning of February and slowly but surely the terrible two’s have reared their ugly head. It’s become more apparent over the last few weeks […]


Our Favourite Five – March 2015

 I’ve been thinking about running a linky for a while now so I welcome you to Our Favourite Five monthly linky. Each month I will list five things that my family […]


3 things that bug me about the school run

  Having been part of the “school run” gang since last September I have noticed recently a few things that really bug me! Have a read through – do any […]


My Spa Nomination with Spa Seekers

 I’m not sure if I mentioned before but I have a younger sister. Growing up we didn’t have much in common due to an eight year age gap but I […]


Radio silence – did you miss me?

  Wow, it feels like I’ve really neglected my blog over the last few weeks. Are you lovely people still out there? Last week was horrendous. This project I have […]