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Sleep deprived and not getting enough sleep

  If you read my All work and not enough play post you will know that I have been working all hours recently and its slowly taking its toll. Listening […]


Wicked Wednesday 25-02-15

 Day trip to London and E wants a pic with this golden fish. I asked him to give me his best smile…instead I get a super cheesy pose like this….. […]


Bubblebum inflatable car seat -review

  It was a horrible rainy wet friday afternoon and I was dreading the school run. Just the thought of having to wrap M up in all his layers and […]


Celebrating Chinese New Year

  It’s (Chinese) New Year’s Eve today and I am really happy to report that my grandad has been allowed home from hospital for the day to spend the New […]


Thinking out loud…

  With Valentines day just around the corner we must all be thinking about doing something special for our loved ones. A much needed romantic meal for two maybe? It […]


Wicked Wednesdays 11-02-15

 NOTE TO SELF: Do not let children upstairs at your child’s party* *E hasn’t been told off for the mess – he’s in the middle of playing hide and seek! […]


All work and not enough play….

 Since the start of the New Year I have been doing my usual “day” job, coming home to spend some time with my boys before finding myself back infront of […]


Wicked Wednesdays 04-02-13

 In honour of his 2nd birthday today it had to be another #wickedwednesday from M! Here he is after having gotten bored with food shopping – this boy really can […]


Ten Things About Me!

  Joining in with A Cornish Mum’s linky for new bloggers, here are ten things about myself that you may not already know. Here we go…. I am a little OCD […]


Wicked Wednesdays 28-01-15

 Sunday morning, M decides he wants to brush his hair but then gets upset because he got “wet” (maybe you shouldn’t have put the brush under the running tap then?!) […]


Tasty Italian Pesto Chicken

  According to the hubby – this is one of his favourite home cooked meals. It’s in his top five! Here’s the recipe. You can substitute the home made pesto […]


How do you explain death to your child?

  Last week I found out that a child in the same class as my friends little boy suddenly passed away from suspected meningitis. It’s really been playing on my mind […]