Read with me – May round up


There’s a small mix bag of posts for this month I hope you enjoy reading.

My favourite 90’s TV Shows
Ahhh this post from Vicki over at Honest Mum brought back so many memories. Childrens TV back in the day rocked! If you’ve not had a read go check it out – you might find some of your favourites. Reading this post actually inspired me to create a list of my own but I am so behind I haven’t gotten round to writing it yet so watch this space! @honestmum

The Great Gatsby
This post from Charlotte over at Write like no one’s watching really touched me. It reminded me of when hubby and I lost our pet greyhound “Sheila” when E was only 6 months old. It was absolutely heartbreaking. Pets are most definitely part of your family and even to this day we talk still about her and have photos of her around the house. We’ve not gotten another pet since losing her but we know we will one day when the boys are older. Charlotte’s post is beautifully written and you really get a sense of just how much Gatsby was loved. RIP Gatsby. @CharlTaylor

My brutal truth about blogging
I found this post from Susan very honest and is definitely what most bloggers think about at some point. It’s hard not to get bogged down by stats but we all need reminding from time to time the reason why we all started blogging and for most of us its because we enjoy writing and putting our thoughts down. Everything else? It’s all gravy @susanpajaro

How to make a nursery fit for your little royal
With the birth of Princess Charlotte earlier this month Blinds Supermarket asked fellow bloggers their advice on getting a nursery ready for their new arrival. Some great tips here. @blindssmkt

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