Sometimes…you just need to stop

Our life is so busy that I sometimes forget to stop.

There is always laundry that needs doing, food to be cooked, house to be cleaned.

Busy busy busy.


In my head, I always tell myself “I’ll just do this and then I’ll sit down” but then inevitably I’ll get distracted by something else that needs doing, mess that needs cleaning up.

It can be endless but I also realise it doesn’t need to be this way.

Recently, I’m so much more aware that my boys are growing up.

One day they won’t need my cuddles and kisses. They won’t need help with wiping their tears or need me to soothe them when they get hurt.

One day the tables will have turned and it will be me needing them, me wanting cuddles and wondering when they will be home.

Everyone tells you that the early years go quick and when they are newborns you don’t believe it. Those long nights when it’s just you and them? All you want to do is for them to sleep a little longer so you yourself can rest, they feel like they will never end but eventually, they do.

Suddenly, you can’t remember the last time you had broken sleep, the last time you changed a nappy, the last time they called out for you at night because they had a bad dream.

So when my youngest picks up his comforter and wanders over to find me in the kitchen I stop. I drop what I’m doing and head to the sofa to have cuddles and when his little hand rests on mine it melts my heart.

These moments are precious and I need to cherish every one of them for who knows when the last one will be?

Sometimes you just need to stop.


  1. Hopes, Dreams and Chocolate

    So true Maria, and soooo hard to do. Lovely post xxx

  2. Zoë Forde

    Great post Maria. I’m trying to remind myself to do something similar this month – Don’t Rush and Slow Down! x

  3. Claire Jones-Hughes

    Too true m’dear. I wrote a post yesterday about how Instagram has forced me to pause and take a moment to gather my though and visually meditate. x

  4. Georgina Whitehead

    This is so true, its like we have to enjoy all of the bits,good and bad…embrace it all 🙂 Thanks for sharing and reminding me of this. #PicknMix

  5. I wish I couldn’t remember the last time I had a broken night!! But what you say is so true… #picknmix

  6. Jenny Eaves

    We’re still in the middle if broken nights sleep and nappy changes, but you’re right I will miss it when they’re older! #picnmix

  7. The Speed Bump

    Beautiful post, I completely agree with you! #KCACOLS

  8. Back With A Bump

    This is so true. I seem to spend most my life thinking I’ll just do this…and never sit down and then feel guilty for not doing enough mum stuff. Such a balancing act this mum lark! #kcacols

  9. Jess Powell

    I’ve been thinking this a lot lately – even when I’m at home I’m always busy doing *something* and I know all my daughter really wants is me to take some time out and give her my full attention. x #KCACOLS

  10. Jane Taylor

    So true! They grow up fast and soon you’ll have an empty nest. People are so much more important than a laundry pile! #KCACOLS

  11. Jeremy Barnes

    It goes by really fast. Mine is turning five this month and I still can’t wrap my head around it #KCACOLS

  12. Mummy Rules

    Beautifully written and so true. I am not sure if I ‘stop’ at the moment, but I definitely manage to appreciate the wonderful small moments amongst the chaotic. #KCACOLS

  13. Agreed – it’s so important to stop and enjoy the moment. Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS

  14. Natasha Mairs

    Thanks for this. Time really does fly and before you know it the kids will have a house of their own. So I am going to cuddle my kids right now x #KCACOLS

  15. Oh my I was thinking this today in that I really need to cherish all those moments with my daughter because she is growing up so fast. I will always have cuddles with her while we drink tea in the morning. It’s the best way to start our day. I love your cuddle photo with your little one…precious. Thank you for co-hosting and for sharing this. #KCACOLS

  16. So true – I didn’t find the first year fast at all, but the second just whizzed by and the third is picking up the pace even more! So important to cherish those little moments when they happen. #KCACOLS

  17. I love this. I often find myself stopping now and just giving my daughter more time for snuggles. She is always picking flowers for me which, although it’s annoying to have a handful of dead daisies in your pocket a week later, is very sweet. #kcacols

  18. Whinge Whinge Wine

    I agree! My son is finally at an age I can appreciate (he wasn’t a fun baby!) and I think I’m so used to wishing the time away (it truly was awful) I’ve forgotten how to appreciate the time I have now with two lovely kids! #KCACOLS

  19. me and b make tea

    EXACTLY the same feelings here too! Whenever my boy wants a cuddle, I just go for it. Before long he wont want me to kiss or cuddle him :/ sob. We also have a comforter – called his nee (don’t ask haha!) #KCACOLS

  20. Back again from #KCACOLS!x

  21. Wendy Hughes

    Aww I totally get this. My boy is 3 in a few months and is becoming fiercely independent, I feel like he needs me less and less every day. So I do try and stop what I’m doing to spend precious moments with him because the time just goes so fast xx #KCACOLS

  22. so true. I hardly ever stop and I feel so guilty. seems we are not alone #KCACOLS x

  23. Madeline Littlejohns

    Loved reading this, it’s so true. Sometimes you really do just need to stop, let the housework go for a bit and enjoy those cuddles and cwtches! x #KCACOLS

  24. The_tale_of_mummyhood

    Wow this post hit home. Inbetween looking after two children, keeping the house running and everything else inbetween I often feel so guilty. It’s time to sit and enjoy! Really great post 🙂


  25. CrazyJoggingGymLady

    Everything does seem a bit much at times. My children are a bit older now and not wanting cuddles so much, but when they do I, like you, drop everything.

  26. There’s an interesting article in the Sunday Times magazine about hectic family life – might offer a bit of solidarity. If you have time to buy it and then read it! I’d link to it but it’s behind the paywall #KCACOLS

  27. This is an awesome reminder! Thank you for sharing, I look back at the times I missed with much regret if you can get others to appreciate it now-they will not feel this way. My two are older now, and I still remind myself to stop! Stop typing when they talk, shut down the computer, cell phone and walk away. You are so right! #KCACOLS

  28. This post is spot-on! They grow up too fast and then you wish that life came with a button that you could pause or rewind!


  29. Fi - Beauty Baby and Me

    Love this hun – we’re on the same page cause I wrote something similar this week!! You need to take a moment sometimes. Sod the housework, it can wait – making sure you’re enjoying life is far more important xx #KCACOLS

  30. Yes, it’s terrifying to think that this lovely time won’t last long at all, and soon they won’t want to know us! Got to make sure we make the most of it. #KCACOLS

  31. Toarizonaandbeyond

    Lovely post, we really do need to cherish the time we have! #KCACOLS

  32. Mother Hermit

    Yup, I can totally relate to this, I too need to learn to stop and cherish the moments with my kids instead of stressing over endless ‘to do’ lists in my head! x #KCACOLS

  33. reimer and ruby

    So true, we mothers are sometimes too occupied with chores when most of the time, we just ignore our little ones needing our attention. I totally agree, sometime we just need to stop and enjoy our moments with kids because these moments wont last forever. Lovely post! #KCACOLS

  34. Definitely agree lovely and that time flies by so fast x Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  35. Educating Roversi

    A very wise post with very wise words. It’s so hard to get caught up with life and we do need to stop and cherish the lovely moments we experience, like my son snuggling up to watch Gruffalo’s child before bed tonight #KCACOLS

  36. Handy Herbs

    I completely agree! It can be so easy to get caught up with day to day activities and it can be easy to forget to stop and enjoy the precious moments. Children definitely grow up far too fast. Appreciating the little but special moments is good advice 🙂 #KCACOLS

  37. Laura Dove

    This is so lovely and so true. I am very guilty of trying to do too many things at once, juggling far too many things and putting off the less important things that are actually way more important! #KCACOLS

  38. Lucy at occupation: (m)other

    Such a good reminder to stop lovely. I am conscious at the moment of how often I’m telling my son that I need to do this, this and this first then I’ll come and play/sit etc. I know sometimes that has to happen but sometimes it doesn’t too. Time really, really does fly and while I think it’s ok to wish some of it away some nights it pays to remember to cherish it too #KCACOLS

  39. I completely agree with you Maria, we are so wrapped up in everything going on – blogging, housework, TV etc – the list goes on and on that we might miss the little things, I’m really guilty of this, and need to remember that my little one isn’t going to be a baby forever. Claire x #KCACOLS

  40. this is so true, you have to make time to cherish the moment before the moment is no longer with you #KCACOLS

  41. Totally agree – I try and remind myself of this every day, and looking around at the state of my kitchen today I can see that I must have been doing pretty well at ‘just stopping’ lol! My little one has never slept through and he’s now 16 months, but I try and remind myself every night when he wakes me up that one day I’ll probably wish for the nighttime cuddles so I don’t really mind! #KCACOLS

  42. So true, it’s important to remember when we have tough days, long days, days full of nappy changes and poonamis and endless feeding that it won’t last forever and we should enjoy the moments while we can. Lovely, honest post #KCACOLS

  43. Rachel (Lifeathomewithmrsb)

    So true! Our children grow up so quickly! I now make a real effort to have days off from blogging or commenting, especially on Sundays. It has made such a difference with my time with my family 🙂 #KCACOLS

  44. This is sooo true. My mummy often stops everything just to cuddle me! The ironing and housework can wait! Blogging has given her the excuse to do fun things with me! I’m still growing up too fast! #KCACOLS

  45. Lovely words and sooooo true xx

  46. Yes! So much this. We really do think those moments will last forever, but the truth is they last just long enough to be infuriating and utterly perfect. I completely agree with dropping everything to soak in those cuddles, they really don’t last forever and you never know when the last one will be.

  47. Mommy's Little Princesses

    Oh honey this is so true! Sometimes it takes a lovely little post like this to make us realise just how precious these moments are, and that they won’t last forever.xx #KCACOLS

  48. You’re so right. When life is so busy and chaotic, it can be so hard to just stop and appreciate the here and now. Time does go so fast, it’s important to cherish the present. Thanks for the reminder. #KCACOLS x

  49. Nicky Kentisbeer

    Never has a truer word been spoken! We all need to heed this advice #kcacols

  50. A lovely post! We are always busy as parents and never actually get time to stop and enjoy life! I’m absolutely guilty of this myself and I need to take time to enjoy Mia and all the lovely things we do 🙂


  51. It’s so true… one day they don’t want to be carried anymore, won’t need any help getting changed or cleaning their teeth. Exciting milestones that tug at your heartstrings! #kcacols

  52. You’re so very right with this post.My eldest is 17 now, the time flew by and now he barely grunts at me most of the time. It makes me really appreciate cuddles from the younger ones as I know it won’t last forever x #kcacols

  53. Petite Pudding

    I definitely need to take this advice on board and remember to sit back and enjoy the children and not just run around like a headless chicken trying to tidy up after them or fit in an extra load of washing #KCACOLS

  54. This is so true!.Though I will definitely not miss the day I don’t have to change nappies! Lovely post. #KCACOLS

  55. Allyson Greene

    I am the exact same way! I constantly plan to stop and relax or spend time with the kids but it always seems to be one thing after the other. It can be hard to make that concerted effort to just stop and enjoy life, enjoy your kids but we all need to do it! #KCACOLS

  56. Too true – I’ve always been a firm believer that there is more to life than housework! #KCACOLS

  57. Jaylan - Diapers at Dawn

    So true! I think I am definitely trying to get myself to do the same when I’m home. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in housework and playing catch up on things on my days off of work that you forget to stop and spend time with the little one. Great post and a nice reminder to just stop whether you’re a stay at home mum or a working mum x #KCACOLS

  58. 100% Agreed. I miss my bubba’s newborn days and squee over everyone else’s newborns. But I love the way they are now. They’re wonderful and exploring everything and the cuddles are the greatest. As they grow older we will have to learn that cuddles don’t always happen but that we can still connect and be in each other’s company with the activities we share with each other. Lovely reminder!

  59. Such a beautiful post hun! I am guilty of this so much, especially since I started blogging too, every spare moment i grab time at the laptop then get grumpy that they are playing up. Recently I have tried to get better at making time with them when they want it! #KCACOLS

  60. I always read your messages and find myself nodding and thinking yes..I agree..thats is what I think too but never could put it as beautifully. I was rushing rounds trying to cook dinner and fold laundry the other day and my son kept running in and asking me to play..I was like mummy’s busy. Mummy can be busy we went and got fish and chips, the laundry didn’t get done and we cuddles up with a film. I cant get takeout every night but I can appreciate the time I have with him . #KCACOLS

  61. Laura @ Dot Makes 4

    This is so true. I’m guilty of finishing the washing or filling up the dishwasher first.
    Housework can always wait! Cuddles from the kids can’t!
    Laura xx

  62. Lovely and so true! Important to remember this. #KCACOLS

  63. You are so right. This is something I’ve become increasingly aware off in recent weeks as Caspian developing so quickly I can hardly keep up. When you are tired and stressed out it can be hard to appreciate them waking for the 5th time that night, but as you say it will not be like that forever and soon you’ll miss it. Thanks for sharing and hosting #KCACOLS

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x

  64. Very true. Time does just fly by and we do have to stop, we also have to not stress about small things and let them overtake our family time. #kcacols

  65. This is so true Maria, I never used to listen to people when they said it to me but suddenly my daughter hit 10 and I have no idea when or how! #kcacols

  66. Sarah - To Maternity & Beyond

    This is beautiful and so true. These moments are so precious we all need to ‘stop’ more. Thank you for sharing #KCACOLS

  67. Trista, Domesticated Momster

    Such a true and important message that I have been thinking a lot about lately. But I too am a happier mommy when I get some time to get stuff done and a little time to myself. Then when I am enjoying my time with them I can focus it and not think about the dishes piled in the sink. I get sad when I think how fast they grow but then remember that there are so many more milestones to embrace. Great post. And thank you for hostessing #KCACOLS

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