A Spa day with Bio Sculpture

Usually, my Friday’s tend to revolve around catching up on housework, chores around the house and blogging. Last week, however, I had the most wonderful relaxing day that involved a trip to The Mondrian Hotel for a pamper session followed by afternoon tea and to find out about Bio Sculpture and their nail technician training opportunities.

Bio Sculpture were one of the very the first gel nails available over here in the UK and was founded 30 years ago. Their products don’t damage the natural nail and are strictly animal cruelty-free and 100% Vegan too.

Bio Sculpture nails

The day started off with a Bio Sculpture Manicure in one of the Mondrian’s Hotel suites. We had a beautiful view overlooking the Thames.


I had a lovely chat with my nail technician whilst I was having my manicure. She told me that she trained with Bio Sculpture over 10 years ago and has not looked back since. She’s been able to fit work around her toddler and 6-month old, often working in the evenings once her children are in bed.

It can be so hard to find a work/life balance when you become a mum so it was great to hear how a job like this can be flexible, allowing you to be able to spend quality time with your children as well as earn some money too.

Bio Sculpture has a huge range of colours – over 150 of them. They go with the current trends too and regularly launch new shades. After much deliberation, I opted for a classic red.


After my manicure, it was massage time! My masseuse worked on easing the tension in my neck and shoulders – it was just what I needed after a busy week.


I spent some quiet time in the relaxation lounge with a peppermint tea before heading up to the dining area for Afternoon Tea where Clare from Bio Sculpture had a chat with us about our day and spoke to us about the career opportunities available with them.


The Bio Sculpture training course consists of three separate days worth of training, followed by an assessment. Meaning you’re able to work around family life and other commitments. It could well be worth considering if you’re wanting flexible work-at-home options.

I’d never had a professional gel manicure before last week, and I have to say, I am really impressed with the results. My nails never usually last beyond a day or two but currently, we are 10 days in and they are still as glossy and shiny as they were last Friday. Most importantly, they are still fully intact without a chip in sight. That’s the beauty of a Bio Sculpture manicure  – they last between 2-4 weeks depending on how quickly your nails grow and knowing my nails are being nourished underneath the gel is the icing on the cake.

*I was a guest at The Mondrian Hotel with thanks to Bio Sculpture


  1. Nothing better than a pampered day. Looks and sounds so lovely. It’s been forever since I had a spa day booking one in when baby arrives. Hope you soaked every minute up so lovely.

  2. Oh wow I could really do with something like this right now x

  3. What a fab day! Love the nails, it’s so nice to be pampered every now and then.

  4. What a wonderful treat and great results! I love having my nails done but don’t do it enough

  5. Uhmmm, I just hit peak jealousy levels reading this! Love that nail colour, you’re right it is a classic. The afternoon tea looks delish! Glad you enjoyed it. xx

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