4 ideas to make Spring cleaning fun for the whole family

Ah, spring cleaning, the activity that everyone loves to hate. Spring cleaning may not be the most glamorous of family excursions, but it’s one of the most important. You have to make time for thoroughly cleaning your home if you want it to be comfortable and safe for everyone. Here are four cleaning ideas that will help make spring cleaning fun and engaging for the whole family.


Make Age-Appropriate Assignments

Although it’s hard, you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that cleaning will never be a fun activity for kids. Your little ones would much rather be playing outside than helping you wipe windows and sweep floors. But this doesn’t mean you should give up and not enlist their help in spring cleaning. You can still let kids be kids by giving them age-appropriate assignments like sorting out their toys into two categories, keep or donate. Another idea would be to add games into tasks like having your children compete against each other and the one that finishes the most tasks wins. Another idea would be to set a time limit for your kids to complete a task, the first one to complete the assignment within the time limit wins.

Offer Incentives to Tasks Nobody Likes

Some spring cleaning routines will just never be appealing even to grownups. If you can help it, even you would not want to do backbreaking cleaning work or activities that will get your hands dirty. Still, all the sweat and mess is part of spring cleaning, but you can work your way around this by offering incentives for those who are willing to do the work that nobody wants to do. Some particularly tricky tasks you can reward include cleaning your Saniflo toilet, replacing or maintaining the irrigation parts of your sprinkler system, fixing pipes and vacuuming. Incentives can consist of money or more creative ones like coupons they can use to avail of things like breakfasts in bed, more TV time, control over the remote control for a week and more.

Split Big Families into Teams

For cleaning activities that require more meticulous care and time, you can group the whole family into two teams and have each team compete against the other. For example, you can assign the two groups to tackle mould growth in different parts of the house. The first team that completes the task wins. You can make sure that the mould is completely eliminated by using mold test kits to double check. Never compromise safety especially when cleaning. Ensure that each team has a designated adult that will supervise. Also, keep in mind that some mold growth may be too severe for home treatments so get ready to enlist the services of a professional in this case.

Set a Common Goal

If your family is not big enough to be split into teams, you can still make spring cleaning fun by setting a common goal that everyone can work toward. For example, before you all start spring cleaning, have everyone huddle and let them know that your goal is to finish cleaning the house within 12 hours. Encourage members to strategise and communicate with each other. If the family can hit this goal, you can all celebrate by doing something fun together like a weekend road trip to the beach or plan a relaxing holiday out of town in the next couple of months. The objective has to be specific and achievable, and the prize has to be enticing to make all that pressure worth it. This should get everyone to work hard and work together.

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