Top Tips on surviving the School Summer Holidays

How are we already approaching the end of the school year? This year seems to have flown by and already we are planning our school summer holidays to make sure we have some things to with the boys while they are off and also, keep us all sane as we juggle childcare with full-time jobs!

We all know routine can go out the window when it comes to those long sunny (we hope!) days and finding things to keep the whole family occupied can be hard. I did write a post on how to survive the summer holidays as a working parent, but things don’t always work out as you want them to do they? I thought I would share some of my own ideas and tips alongside some from other bloggers and parents who have found ideas and ways that work for them over the school summer holidays too.

Top Tips on surviving the School Summer Holidays

Memo Board/Family Calendar

This works well for the whole family. Have a board or calendar around the house that everyone can see and add to if they need to. Be specific with dates and times for work, childcare, appointments, play dates, anything you have planned. This keeps it fresh in your memory and helps you to plan for it and keep the whole family informed and involved.

Maybe get the kids to help out and add to it or give them their own whiteboard so they too can help with the planning and they too know what is happening on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can set up an online calendar and share with the family too.


Relax the Rules

Things aren’t always going to run smoothly no matter how much you want them to. So relaxing the rules a little and allowing yourself more time will help keep tensions, and hopefully any dramas to a minimum. A bit of give and take never hurt anyone nor did a bit of well-placed bribery if needed!

Planning and Preparation

As mentioned above, being prepared and knowing what is happening on a day-to-day basis is a godsend for working parents. This is also great for those days when you don’t need to rush out for work too. We all know kids can get bored easily even with all the toys in the world so by keeping them in the loop and letting them help plan your days can help out with that. Maybe you can make a summer holiday jar with ideas and suggestions of not only days out but activities too? Then you can mix them all up and pull out the ideas to plan your days or weeks so you all know what to expect as much as possible.


What about what other parents do over the school summer holidays? Is there a secret to getting through the holidays unscathed or is it a case of just going with the flow and taking each day as it comes?

Uplifting and Inspiring Content
My kids will be going to a holiday club for 2 weeks, they will also be spending time with their cousins for a week, then the final 3 weeks will be for our family vacation.

Stacey in the Sticks
We made a bucket list for last summer – it meant we could rearrange activities/days out dependant on weather. We pretty much ticked everything off!

Boo Roo and Tigger Too
We work on a day on, day off philosophy. So we plan a day out, be it to the park, local woodlands, visit friends/family or further afield. Then a day at home, playing in the garden, in their rooms, on computers, crafts, film day etc. That way we get a mix of activities but also time at home to chill out and nobody gets overtired.


Our Favourite Jar
We have some ideas for family days out in the Midlands on our blog!

Me, Them and the Others
If you need childcare (or just need a break from the constant requests for snacks!) see if other mums you know fancy a swap, they have yours for a few hours one day and you have theirs for a few hours another day. If your kids aren’t keen on doing things by themselves, you can see if other mums are interested in teaming up to send them to activities together, three of us are sending all of ours to the same holiday club and they’re happy to all be going together. 

Spread play dates out amongst your friends. There’s a group of six of us so we alternate going to each other’s houses across the holidays. This means six play dates but you only have to host one meaning less cost and less mess! It’s a great way to save money, keep the kids entertained and have a chat with your mates.

Anklebiters Adventures
Get out every day even if it’s for a short walk /park/picnic.

The Money Whisperer
I have a post of ways to save on holiday childcare which a lot of people aren’t aware they are entitled to!

Mighty Mama Bear
Take them to museums. The majority are free and have special events during the holidays. 


Happy Family Hub
Invite your child’s friends over for your very own sports day… races, hula hooping, bouncing etc. You can create certificates and prizes to add to the fun!

Liberty on the Lighter Side
My kids shop for and cook their food one day a week in the hols, they love it and it teaches them so much about budgeting and cooking. I also enjoy it because it gives me a break from thinking about their meals for a day! 


The Family Ticket
Play parks and picnics! The cheapest and easiest days out if the weathers great. We use Pinterest to pin a list of places to visit over the holidays. Also, follow mum bloggers that review days out. Great resources!


One Frazzled Mum
With the help of some more bloggers, I have put together a guide of low-cost activities the whole family can enjoy over the summer holidays.

Clearly Bex
We’ve booked a holiday for the middle of the holidays, something to look forward to. Then were staggering play dates and hubby and I are alternating working patterns so that it helps us all enjoy the holidays more.

What tips do you have for making the most out of the school summer holidays? Are you super organised or do you take each day as it comes?

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Top Tips on surviving the School Summer Holidays

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