The benefits of a sit-stand desk while working from home

Since the start of the pandemic, both Mr H and I have been working from home at our dining table. As you can imagine, when the boys were both home, it was a tight squeeze for everyone to get everything done and work well without distractions. We don’t have much space to add a separate desk right now, although we have recently invested in some new chairs for the dining table as we still both work from here each day.

I have to admit, it would be nice to have a dedicated desk without worrying about clearing the table and moving monitors off the table for dinner! Maybe one day…one thing I have noticed since I started working from home is that I move much less now. I am no longer commuting into London or moving around an office, so I spend most of my days from home.

It would be good to get more movement into my day, and one way of doing this is to use a sit-stand desk. Far from being the latest fad, sit-stand desks offer users many benefits and can allow you to continue to work, whether sitting or standing, enabling you to move around more while working.


Sit-stand desks work by allowing users to adjust the desk’s height to a comfortable working level, typically via the use of a motor so you can sit down when required and then raise the desk to a higher position. You can even get desks attached to bikes for those wanting a better workout while working – multitasking at its finest.

There are so many benefits of a sit-stand desk; if you are thinking of getting one, here are some ways it can be great for you!

5 benefits of a sit-stand desk

Reduced weight gain

Did you know that standing at your desk can burn an additional 170 calories depending on your workday compared to sitting at a desk all day? If you are trying to lose weight or avoid weight gain from being sedentary, choosing a sit-stand desk such as the Yo Yo DESK PRO 2 can help you avoid sitting down all day and keep your body moving and burning calories.


Lowers blood sugar

If you are looking to regulate your blood sugars, there have been some studies on the benefits of standing up or moving around after eating. The results were fascinating and found that those who stood for 180 minutes after eating lunch experienced lower blood sugar spikes than those who sat for the same amount of time.

Reduced back pain

Office workers and those who sit in the same position all day are at an increased risk of back pain, and back pain is one of the most common ailments in the UK. Studies by the CDC indicated that those who switched to standing desks experienced lower back and neck pain or saw an improvement in their pain after several weeks of using a standing desk. This is a good thing and one of the best benefits of a sit-stand desk.

Improved energy levels

How often do you feel drained or fatigued when sitting down all day? I know I can feel like this sometimes. Standing desks can help you combat fatigue and give you additional energy by allowing you to move around, benefitting from the boost movement can give your body throughout the day. Studies have long shown how a sedentary lifestyle is linked to increased levels of fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Recent reports suggest that switching to a sit to stand desk can massively help reduce these issues when used regularly.

Boost productivity

I am a terrible procrastinator sometimes and it can take a lot to get me going. It has been suggested that standing desks can help increase productivity. While this is largely down to the individual (and how many cups of tea I have had!), the extra movement and change of positions can help you refocus and get into the zone more than sitting in the same place every day. With all the health benefits mentioned above, it’s not hard to imagine you will be more productive when you’re feeling better.

What do you think? Have you tried a sit-stand desk, or are you surprised at the benefits of them?

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