The first time since becoming a mum…

For the first time since becoming a mum, this Friday I will have a whole morning CHILD FREE.

M is now officially government funded so will be upping his nursery days to three mornings a week and from September, he will be attending the nursery attached to E’s school and will be going five mornings a week.

I’m not sure how I feel about this….

The first time since becoming a mum...

I won’t get to spend my Fridays chilling out with M but more importantly, it’s another sign that my baby boy is growing up far too quickly and I don’t like it.

What am I going to do with myself?

Usually on my work from home day when he is at nursery, I have work to keep me busy, and the radio on for background noise. Fridays were our days to go and have fun, do some shopping or just pootle about but from this week onwards I won’t have my little sidekick by my side anymore.

M on the beach
This cheeky monkey is growing up and becoming more independent!

I have flittingly thought about all the things I can do to occupy my time. Spring clean, tidy the house, catch up on never-ending loads of washing etc… but then I realised that this time to myself is “me time” and that I should use it to do things for me for once. I will have 4½ hours each week just for myself. I want to be able to kick back and relax without feeling guilty about it.

I could spend a few hours window shopping, get my nails done or spend the morning engrossed in a good book and a cuppa. I could finally drag my butt to the gym and start getting fit. No more excuses for not being able to find the time.

Time has somehow found me now and I must make the most of it.

How did you feel when you had more time to yourself? 


  1. I still don’t until Noah starts nursery (hopefully later this year!), and when Jacob started I was 36 weeks pregnant so I pretty much just slept when he was at nursery, until Noah arrived lol x

  2. You can come and see meeeeeeee! But seriously you’ll fill that time without thinking about it I promise. Doctors appointments will now all be made on a Friday morning, in fact any appointments. Hair, nails, accountant. Just having a space in your life too it things in will be good for you. And yes it does mean he’s growing up. But just look at what an awesome dude he’s growing up to be. You should be very proud of you and him xxxx

  3. Unfortunately I haven’t had more time to myself yet…I can’t WAIT until we get Little B’s funded hours! Have fun with yours! #picknmix

  4. Jeremy Barnes

    getting back to the gym was a big one. It was also nice to be able to go golfing once in a while without spousal guilt

  5. Back again from #KCACOLS – thanks for co-hosting!

  6. Educating Roversi

    I’m not at this stage yet but I always look forward to the free time because I can use it to work. I’ll probably feel different when it happens! #KCACOLS

  7. My daughter will soon be hitting the age where she will be off to nursery and it is something that I am least looking forward to. So I can understand how you are feeling a little, I am sure you will get use to the free time and think why on earth was you worried. Thank you for sharing. #KCACOLS

  8. Karen Belton

    I’m a holder of a 9 month old! If I had time I would probably blog right now but it would be nice just to sit and read a book too! Hope you work it out and it will be good for you to share some of your down time with us! Have fun come-hosting #KCACOLS

  9. Ah yes it is a weird feeling – but enjoy! As you say, you could even slob and watch a bit of TV or read a book…. what a naughty treat! x #KCACOLS

  10. I had an afternoon to myself for the first time in ages the other day. I had one chore to do – changing the toilet seat – and then I was free to do whatever I pleased.

    It took me all afternoon to fix the toilet seat. #KCACOLS

  11. Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    For the first week you feel like you have so much time but somehow after that it just seems to disappear try and make the best use of your extra hours if you can #KCACOLS

  12. Oh, kids grow up so quickly, don’t they? I’m still in baby phase, so no free time here, but maybe you could pick up a hobby to help occupy your time? I LOVE gardening (: #KCACOLS

  13. Katy | Hot Pink Wellingtons

    Oh, absolutely use the time for something for yourself! Book and a cuppa sound good to me, and with 4 hours you could fit in the gym too! I love getting out in the garden for my me time – I find it so relaxing. #KCACOLS

  14. Petite Pudding

    Unfortunately time had found me and then I lost it again following the arrival of number two! But make sure you enjoy those few hours, they always seem to fly by (or maybe I am unrealistic about what I can get done in that amount of time!) #KCACOLS

  15. Fi - Beauty Baby and Me

    Bless you I can understand that being a big change for you. Do try and use it as an opportunity to have some Me time though. 🙂 xx #KCACOLS

  16. Wendy Hughes

    Ohh I K ow how you feel, my boy started going to play school one morning a week and at the start I didn’t know what to do with myself. Now I catch up on blogging, tidy a bit and go swimming. I enjoy having those 3hours a week to do what I want with. It will feel weird at first but I’m sure you will end up loving your bit of me time every week xx #kcacols

  17. Babies, biscuits and booze

    Ah it’s hard when they grow up so fast! Definitely enjoy the time to yourself by doing your nails, reading, popping out (because you can’t pop out with kids/babies in tow!!) or whatever floats your boat. My bubba is only little so this is a pipe dream for me haha! #KCACOLS

  18. Make the most of it! I used to have a couple of hours on a Friday between finishing work and nursery pick up and that was always housework time. Oh the glamour! #kcacols

  19. It’s a weird feeling isn’t it. I remember when my daughter’s extra funding kicked in and I had a couple of hours to myself one afternoon a week. I’d love to say I used it productively to go to the gym or clean the bathroom but it was usually spent sat on the sofa, drinking a hot cup of tea and enjoying a biscuit to myself for once! #KCACOLS

  20. I felt a bit lost at first, but then I was like HELL YEAH! You deserve it. #KCACOLS

  21. I used to live for moments like this! LOL! But now that my sons will be flying the coop soon, I treasure every second of their company when they are at home.


  22. Georgina Whitehead

    oh hunnie enjoy it! My daughter will start nursery also in september and it’s scary. I’m self employed so can’t wait to work more but im nervous about her being looked after by someone else, as parents we know all their little ways and if im honest thats the bit i’m not looking forward to! try and embrace the change! good luck and thanks for sharing #KCACOLS

  23. Rachel Bustin

    I have just had my first baby 10 weeks ago so no longer have time for myself anymore! I wouldn/t have it any other way due to the time it took us to get here xx


  24. Squirmy Popple

    A few hours to yourself is a real treat! Definitely don’t feel like you need to be productive. I’ve been guilty of this in the past – my husband has taken the baby for a few hours, and I’ve felt the need to clean the house, run errands, etc. I’ve learned to try to enjoy ‘me’ time when I can get it – mostly by blogging! #KCACOLS

  25. I have Wed mornings to myself (only until July though, when I’m upping my work hours, boo) and it’s AMAZING! I do inevitably end up doing some chores, although it’s a novelty being able to do the supermarket shop at my leisure without kids pestering me. I tend to take my laptop and notebook to a coffee shop for an hour or so and do some blogging – if i’m not in the house I can’t feel guilty about not doing the washing up etc!
    Make the most of it!

  26. Island Living 365

    This will be me in September and I am looking forward to it and dreading it in equal measure. I think I will enjoy be able to go to the shops on my own but I am not looking forward to the silence at home #KCACOLS

  27. justsayingmum

    Oh I completely sympathise! When my last of 3 went to nursery I couldn’t go home as couldn’t handle the quietness so I used to phone anyone who was in and pop round for a coffee – anything other than go home – it did get easier though, I promise, and these days I quite relish the peace and quiet! Great read #KCACOL

  28. Madeline Littlejohns

    I have one day a week when both my children are looked after by their grandparents. I try and cram as much work into that day as I can, but need to organise myself much better, because some weeks the day just goes and I can’t really say what I’ve achieved because housework etc has distracted me. I think you’ll be surprised how quickly those 4 hours go but I do hope you enjoy them guilt-free! x #KCACOLS

  29. I imagine you will find that these few hours will fly by and you want to cram lots of stuff in. I hope you savour some of it as me time, as its really important.
    Amanda. #kcacols.

  30. Azaria Lynch

    I long for some alone time, but I think that I would miss my little one too much. She is only 1 so a long while before she starts nursery and then we will be thinking of having another baby so I don’t know if I will get some free time. I would definitely make the most of it. Enjoy yourself, mummy needs some free time

    Azaria #KCACOLS

  31. Carol Cameleon

    I remember well the first time our little girl went to the childminder for her settling in session. It was only for a morning but I felt so wierd! And then the actual return to work day after mat leave… I looked at the clock realised she would be finishing her nap and felt like my right arm had been sawn off! And cried buckets in an office full of men (and one woman who happened to be my boss who also had a little girl, thankfully!). I do know that our little girl thrived from it and to be honest, so did I. A bit of adult time (not me-time I know, but the next best thing). I love her dearly but it IS nice to stretch that umbilicial cord a little more! Thanks for co-hosting #kcacols

  32. I still have three little ones at home but my eldest daughter will start school in September, my youngest daughter start pre-school and my baby will do two mornings at nursery….so for the first time in a long, long time I will have two mornings a week to myself!! In my head I will be relaxing on the couch or sitting in the garden and having a snooze, in reality I will be cleaning, tidying and running myself ragged trying to get everything done in such a short space of time!! #KCACOLS

  33. Right Royal Mother

    Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it! NG isn’t 3 yet and NC is only 7 months so I am with them ALL the time (NG goes to nursery twice a week but I still have the baby). I’d like to think I’d book a manicure or something but I’d probably just slob. Or tidy the house. Or blog. But try and do something just for you if you possibly can! #KCACOLS

  34. reimer and ruby

    Lucky you! My little girl will be starting Pre-school in August as well, although I’m working so won’t appreciate free time for myself, but I appreciate the amount I’m saving on childminder fees, lol. But hey, take advantage of it, you deserve it.. mum deserves a break and should not be guilty of it. Lovely post! #KCACOLS

  35. I can’t even imagine having any time just for me at the moment, but I guess it will come in time. Enjoy it! Reading and chilling out sounds lovely. #KCACOLS

  36. Blissful Domestic

    I haven’t had time to myself yet other than a few hours in the evening when I tend to blog. If I had time spare I’d definetely be in my garden pootling around x #KCACOLS

  37. Maybe I’m a little selfish but I love having time to myself now my daughter is in school I have a proper day scheduled which allows me to work properly or just make appointments and do errands. Sometimes I even have a nap or read a book! Life is good 🙂 #kcacols

  38. I found it so weird when my boys were both in school and playgroup…. it was brilliant in some ways but I missed them a lot to start with. You definitely get used to it though, and the amount you can get done in those few hours is mad …. watch a film, eat chocolate AND drink a hot cuppa 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix lovely

    Stevie x

  39. Enjoy the freedom! I’m slightly envious but also not at the same time. Like you say it must be hard without your sidekick… I’m not looking forward to when his nursery time goes up (although then again having a few hours child free and not at work would be lovely!!). Let us know how you spent it! #KCACOLS

  40. Oh my goodness I cant imagine what that must feel like but I am in the throws of two babies years away from government funded childcare, all I can say is, although you will miss them enjoy it…you’ve earned it xx #KCACOLS

  41. Allyson Greene

    I remember this feeling when my youngest started preschool. I found I clean and do responsible things half the time the other half I spend watching tv lol. #KCACOLS

  42. Wow, congratulations. As a single mum, I actually have some free time when my delightful ex has Cygnet. I drink coffee, have a lie in, sit and read the paper, have my nails done, go to art galleries, the theatre, or some times I just lie down on my bed and close my eyes. The possibilities are endless – enjoy it. For Gods sake, avoid the temptation to do all of the washing and to clean the house! Pen x #KCACOLS

  43. My Petit Canard

    What a fantastic opportunity! Bittersweet I am sure, but as you point our, a chance to finally catch up with you. I’m sure the time will fly by quicker than you can even imagine and you’ll have your boys back for dinner, homework, bedtime and all that everyday fun 😉 Emily #KCACOLS

  44. Rebecca Farrelly

    Aww this is so similar to me as at the moment Mia goes to Preschool 2 afternoons a week which is amazing for both of us but today we have been offered 5 sessions a week from September and although I probably wont take all 5, it will be so nice to have another couple of afternoons to do my own thing. I feel guilty at the moment if I don’t use the time wisely but from September, I’m definitely not going to feel guilty! We should enjoy the time and do something for us! 🙂

  45. My children going to nursery coincided with me going back to work so no free time. However as they got a bit older I had to odd sneaky day off work whilst they were at nursery which was blissful. Enjoy it! #kcacols lifeinthemumslane

  46. Enjoy some of the newfound time to yourself! It’s great that your son is going to nursery and starting to do some of his own things and have exciting experiences. It’s difficult (I remember) but there’s also lots to look forward to. #KCACOLS

    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

  47. It can be overwhelming when you first get that opportunity. There was always a nagging sense that I should be doing something productive. Once I had the green for no pottering or tidying I was paralysed by choice! In the end I used those few hours I had to return to a long neglected hobby and played guitar for two hours!


  48. Kayla Arnold

    My son has recently started going to daycare and I still don’t know what to do with my day. I’m so lost without him. I just clean while he isn’t home hahah!

  49. The Pramshed

    Firstly thank you for being a great co-host Maria this week for #KCACOLS :), I envy you having time to yourself, but I can understand that it must be difficult when you’re used to having that time with your son, and suddenly he’s not there. I often find that when I have time free (which is not very often) I feel a little panicked trying to cram too much in to 30 minutes – flitting between blogging, housework, phoning my Mum, catching up on Twitter, often only doing half a job and not getting it fully complete. I really hope that you have a fantastic 4.5 hours, I would love this amount of time to myself to go shopping and paint my nails, or even read a book. I’m looking forward to finding out what you get up to. Claire x

  50. Leo Lionman & Mummy

    Ah I think this is lovely, I am having a rare day off work and the lo is at school and I am panicing as I have so much house work to do and then I thought hold on you have no you time so spend a couple of hours blogging, have a shower..or bath if I want to really push the boat out and enjoy the peace. I know it must be really hard for you with your baby growing up I know I had a meltdown when mine went to school and my days were little boy free but I liked gaining some of me back as I know that even with less us time he is still my little one and we make sure the time we have is uber precious xx #KCACOLS

  51. Handy Herbs

    It’s a strange feeling, I agree. Children seem to grow up much too quickly! It is great to have a bit of you time though so I am sure you will soon have lots of things (probably too many!) that you hope to fit in. Enjoy 🙂 #KCACOLS

  52. Agent Spitback

    Aw….such bliss! Yes, enjoy your free time! I don’t have much free time anymore but when i do, it’s usually just reading a book or catching up with old friends. #KCACOLS

  53. mommyslittleprincesses

    Good on you hon you definitely need to make me time. At first it it will feel strange and it will take some getting used to again. Enjoy your me time! Xx #KCACOLS

  54. This is really hard I find the time without the kids really odd if I have nothing I have to do (like work). A cup of tea and a movie or getting my nails done is mostly top choice. @rainbowsaretoo #KCACOLS

  55. Mommy Muddling

    It is a very strange transition for a mom! I think before you know it you will truly enjoy having some “me time” and you will find the time passes too quickly. 😉 You deserve some of this time. You work hard. Try to focus on truly appreciating yourself and all that you do! #KCACOLS

  56. My boy just got his free hours too but as I work they just mean my childcare bill is a bit less! That’s very welcome with two in nursery. Very rare that I have time without kids too! (outside of work) it’s an odd feeling but you should savour the time- you deserve it 🙂 #KCACOLS

  57. Enjoy your me time. You deserve it! #KCACOLS

  58. Toarizonaandbeyond

    I hope you enjoy your time alone. It’s very important to have some relaxation and something to look forward to every week! #KCACOLS

  59. Enjoy that time lovely! Whilst time with the littles is precious so is ‘me time’ I like you plans, how nice does window shopping sound with a buggy or a toddler that doesn’t want anything to do with clothes shopping with you! #KCACOLS xx

  60. The Speed Bump

    Enjoy the time! I remember it’s weird at first but also nice to just be you again 🙂 #KCACOLS

  61. alice NipperAndTyke

    When I end up with time to myself at home I always end up doing the dishwasher, putting some washing on, tidying up etc, then just as I’m about to sit down I realise it’s time to pick the kids up!!! I hope you are not like me and you can allow yourself a bit of you time. Well, whatever you do, enjoy yourself!
    x Alice

  62. tracey bowden

    I get lots of free time, sorry, while Olivia is at school and/or staying at her dads and tend to use it to blog, enter competitions and binge watch tv series #kcacols

  63. Haven’t had any time away from either of mine yet. But eldest is due to start nursery school in September and, with only just over a year between them, it’ll go really fast to when they are both in some kind of schooling. Though youngest is an August birthday, so we may consider deferring her. #KCACOLS

  64. Mummy & the Mexicans

    I’m sure the time will fly by once you get used to it! My free time is usually weekend mornings before anyone else is up – I love the peace and quiet. That tends to be my most productive blogging time, with a cup of coffee. Other free time I get during the day gets taken up by cooking and housework generally, so doesn’t count as “me” time. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy it! #KCACOLS

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