The growth of family influencers

Influencer Marketing has become increasingly popular for brands over the last few years. In this digital age, we no longer need to solely rely on traditional marketing in the form of TV commercials and print advertising. We can instantly turn to social media to find out what others think about a particular product. We trust users who share content that is useful and engaging to readers, those that have used and tested a product where we value their knowledge and recommendations. And this is where Influencer Marketing comes in. 93% of marketers use influencer marketing, and more and more brands now have a dedicated influencer marketing budget because, quite simply, they yield the desired results. If you’re a new business regardless of the type of company you are, looking to market your product, Influencer Marketing is the way to go.

A family brand may look to engage with relevant family influencers. These influencers will already have a ready-made audience that brands can utilise and target. Family Influencers usually share snippets of their day-to-day life, their trips and days out as well as recommending products that they use and find useful. Followers will be fully invested in the lives of the influencers and will be interested and trust in the relevant products they promote.

Some family influencers may have started in Fashion and Beauty, but as their lives have changed over time, they adapt and appeal to a different audience. They settle down, get married and start a family—all of which they share with their followers, documenting their new adventures.

Others, like the Culpo sisters hone their skills in their own unique way by sharing content on beauty, nutrition, vegan recipes, working out, pregnancy and more. Combined, they target a wider audience which is attractive to brands.

Ultimately, users follow family influencers because they can relate to them. They could be going through some tough times with their children and could find some words of wisdom or tips from them that could help or inspire them. They can even help people see the funny side of parenting by sharing “warts and all” stories. Influencers can build up their own community where they can interact and support each other.

Social Media allowers users to follow their favourite influencers in real-time. For example, Instagram Stories allows them to see snippets of their lives in a real-life setting. Using this as a way of marketing, you can seamlessly integrate targeted advertising which will hold more credibility than placed adverts via traditional methods.

Whether it’s mum-hacks or sharing quick and easy recipes to cleaning tips and advice – or even sharing ideas on how to decorate your child’s bedroom, I think family influencers are here to stay. They can help brands spread their message to the relevant audience in a way that traditional marketing strategies struggle to do.

If you are considering setting up a business, it’s worth bearing in mind the power of Influencer Marketing and how it could help raise the profile of your company. You’ll need to do your research when setting up a company to decide whether it’s best to go for a limited company (Ltd) or setting up a limited liability company (LLC) as there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

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