Things we are looking forward to after lockdown

I’ve been struggling a little over the last couple of weeks. Work and homeschool have really gotten on top of me. Every day feels like groundhog day, and at times, it’s felt like there is no end in sight.

I know a lot of parents are feeling the same way at the moment. There’s no respite from the kids, and you can’t go anywhere.

However, in an attempt to try and look forward, I have been thinking about all the things we will appreciate more when lockdown is over.

Seeing family and friends

Of course, seeing family and friends will be on top of the list. We were only able to start video calling our in-laws recently. They’re not tech-savvy, but we bought them an Amazon Show for Christmas, and it’s made a great difference to them being able to see us and the boys.

My boys have missed being able to play with their friends. Mr H and I have also missed seeing our friends too. Seeing them virtually just isn’t the same as seeing people in real life.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you will know we love our days out and visit theme parks regularly. We cannot wait to visit our favourites, especially Chessington and Legoland. Even when restrictions were eased over the summer, we really enjoyed meeting up with friends at National Trust places.



Being able to explore a new place, seeing how the locals live. Trying the food and generally soaking in their culture. These are just some of the things we love doing when we go on holiday. While travel might not be possible just yet, I am already thinking about the places we could visit when things go back to “normal.”


One of the places we have been considering visiting is Canada as I know that it is family-friendly with lots to see. For some great deals take a look at Canada holiday packages. The beauty of visiting Canada is that there is a vast amount you can choose to do, depending on the type of holiday you are after.

Visiting London

Until COVID happened, I commuted daily into my workplace for 14 years. While I don’t miss the commute in any way (thanks redundancy!), I do miss being able to hop on a train to London with the boys. We didn’t always have any firm plans, but that’s the beauty of London, there was always something happening, and if there wasn’t, we would head to one of the many museums.



We’ve tried the home cinema option and it just isn’t the same as going to your local cinema. The whole cinema-going experience, grabbing popcorn and snacks and then watching a movie on a big HD screen with surround sound where you can fully immerse yourself for a couple of hours. I don’t think anything beats it.

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