The Power of Plants: 8 things you didn’t know your plants can do

I’m not great with plants, I always have the best intentions when I buy them but inevitably I forget to water them or I do the exact opposite and over water and they end up dying. Green-fingered I am not.

So whilst I’ve pretty much given up on having plants in the house I am in no doubt the wonders they can do for us. I’ve always been aware of how natural remedies can benefit our bodies but since having children it is something I have really tried to take on board more.

Serenata Flowers recently put together a really interesting infographic (see below) on how certain types of plants can benefit us. I know that lavender is a tried and tested method of relaxing us before bedtime. I remember using a lavender spray in the boy’s room when they were babies. I didn’t know, however, that certain types of plants can increase our productivity – I think I definitely need some of that!

Have a look below at the 8 things you didn’t know that plants can do.

*Collaborative post

Plants are amazing, aren’t they?

*Collaborative post

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