Things you need to make the winter lockdown more bearable

Right, so as we are all cooped up indoors for the foreseeable, it’s time to make the best out of a bad situation and focus on what we can do indoors. A lot of us are feeling uneasy and anxious with the current state of affairs, as we don’t want anyone we know to get covid-19 and life is far from normal. Due to this, we are spending a lot of time in our homes, following the regulations, without much to do. So, this is why we have compilated a list of things that you need to make this current situation more bearable. Read on for more…


It’s winter. It’s cold. We’re indoors more than ever. There’s only one thing for it: functioning, good quality heating. You must make sure your boiler is regularly serviced (at least annually), and if needed, you must always keep your heating oil stocked up sufficiently – see Super Saver Oil for great value and speedy home delivery. If your boiler breaks of you don’t have enough heating oil to last you, you’re going to be in trouble. Your comfort is a priority and the colder it is, the more likely you are to fall unwell and feel unhappy. Be sensible and make sure everything is in order before it’s too late and you’re shivering on the sofa.


Recipe delivery

One thing that is great during these times is a recipe delivery service, that stocks you up with all the ingredients and instructions you need for recipes you choose. At the moment, supermarkets are a hub of unwanted germs and people trying to avoid one another. Food and recipe deliveries are a preferable option.

With retailers like Gousto, HelloFresh and Mindful Chef, you have so many different options and recipes to choose from. These services often offer a discount for first-timers, so take advantage of these and try different ones out to see which you like best. They’re great as you still feel the achievement of creating your own meal but you get the chance to try out things you might not normally, with no waste as the ingredients are weighed out for you. Check out to see if any of your local restaurants are doing meal kits too, as this is the perfect way to support businesses near you during a time of struggle. Plus, you’ll have a tasty meal at the end of it, with no need to go to the shop!

A new ‘indoor’ hobby

Research different hobbies you can take up indoors, which could get the whole family involved. Arts and crafts? Create your own birthday cards, paint a self-portrait or crochet yourself a hat! Want to get fit? Join an online class, from yoga to dance – you’ll meet new people whilst getting your blood pumping. With a new indoor hobby, you’ll learn different things and feel a real sense of accomplishment – you never know, it could be a new hobby for life.


A diary to help you plan and set goals

Having a diary is a great way to reflect, plan and unwind. Write down your goals for each month and how you plan on achieving them. With no judgment, you can write whatever you please. It’s a mental release and can have a hugely beneficial impact on your life if you do so regularly. Give it a go!


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