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With Valentines day just around the corner we must all be thinking about doing something special for our loved ones. A much needed romantic meal for two maybe? It will come as no surprise to many parents out there that organising said night out as couple when you have children needs to be planned with military precision.

Today however, I realised that it doesn’t matter if you don’t get to go on date nights as often as you want to, or if you haven’t been able to catch up on your weekly fix of The Walking Dead because your children keep stirring for no real reason when they should be sleeping. What matters is, at the end of your day (whether you’ve been working or looking after the children) you try to spend some quality time together. There hasn’t been much of that in our household over the last month or so… we’ve both been working all hours.

My grandad, who we went to see in Hong Kong last year was diagnosed with lung cancer in July 2014. He’s currently in hospital and my grandma (bless her) has been visiting every day without fail. She was under the weather today so my uncle suggested that she didn’t visit and instead rest up at home – this was most upsetting to her and she was adamant she still wanted to go. She doesn’t know how much time she will have left with my grandad so understandably wants to spend every possible moment with him. My grandad is desperate to be discharged from hospital so he can spend the Chinese New Year at home with his family next week – I really hope that happens. Chinese New Year is one the most celebrated holidays in Hong Kong where you have around a week off – its a real family affair.

My grandparents have been together for over 60 odd years, had 7 children and their love is still going strong. I hope that we are as in love with each other are they are when we are in our 80s!

So yes, date nights are important but I don’t think they are essential to your relationship. Having some time to yourselves – even if its just an evening in front of the tv catching a movie together.

This valentines day, I simply plan to spend some much needed time with my husband. It feels like an age where we’ve had a proper evening to ourselves!


  1. Aw Maria that’s very sad about your poor grandparents having to be separated at the moment, it must be so hard for them both, and hard for you being so far away from them! I really hope he manages to be home for the Chinese New Year! I think I read somewhere it’s on the 19th? If so, that’s my youngest’s 9th birthday!x

    • Aww Thanks for your comment Stevi. I think they are letting him out for the day to spend at home for the new year but then he has to go back to hospital. And yes its on the 19th Feb – Happy Birthday for next week for your little man! xx

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